As men age, their bodies produce less testosterone. Most men never use steroids, and all of them suffer from reduced testosterone levels as they age into their 30s, 40s, and 50s. For the steroid user, the reduction in natural body-produced testosterone can be even more drastic. Their endocrine system likely took a beating during their 20s and 30s due to varied levels of steroid use resulting in elevated testosterone and estrogen levels. As a result, their pituitary gland may signal the testes to halt testosterone production years before that of a natural bodybuilder.

Luckily, technology exists which can allow middle-aged men to enjoy levels of testosterone on par with those of an 18-year old. Testosterone supplementation, or hormone replacement therapy, has become wildly popular in recent years, as men seek to maintain fairly strong testosterone levels as they age. Additionally, for former steroid users, it’s almost a requirement to use HRT to maintain even an average quality of live as one reaches middle age.

Many bodybuilders have discovered AndroGel to be a useful compound for testosterone supplementation. Prescribed by a doctor, these packets are easy to apply and work fast. They are affordable – about 1/3 the price of injectable testosterone – and bring much less risk with their use. There are no site injection issues, no bloody underwear, and no streams of blood shooting across the bathroom when a vein is nicked. Just a small patch applied daily.

As always, there are side effects of testosterone supplementation. Minor Gynecomastia can occur, although it is less likely with smaller doses. Acne and prostate growth can occur. This should particularly be watched, as the prostate already begins to grow again as men reach age 40 and beyond. Inciting additional growth in that area can be risky. Have yearly prostate exams. Also, always have a complete blood panel done by your doctor every 6 to 9 months to ensure other body indicators remain stable with the additional testosterone influx into the body.

Testosterone supplementation is great, but the high levels of injectable use, along with the other side effects, don’t always make needle administration an option. There are a wide variety of administration methods, including oral tablets and melting tongue strips as well. If you and your doctor agree that you have low testosterone levels, yet you’re just not ready for inserting a needle into your buttocks several times per week, AndroGel packets might be right for you!

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