Clenbuterol if often called Clen and is popular among athletes and athletes because of the potential it has to stimulate the beta-2 receptors. These receptors are importance in maintaining a steady process of fat loss as the body is directed towards burning more fat. Clen was initially used many decades ago for veterinary applications especially Read More →

t3 by dragon pharma

T3 is a compound containing an element that is manufactured synthetically from Lio-thyronine of Sodium, a substance that resembles in totality the natural occurring thyroid hormone called Tricodide-thyronine or L-T3. Manufacturers in German who produce the L-T3 compound called Hoechstag say that an experiment plus a clinical test of the L-T3 has gone beyond and Read More →


It is very rare to come across a substance that has effects that are tantamount to being called a substance of abuse. It gives such effects as to change the body anatomies of men into such actions as to make one has thoughts of steroids. Cleno-Lab 40 is such a substance that exists as a Read More →


Q: Does Clenbuterol decrease or aid endurance? A: Does Clenbuterol decrease or aid in endurance? Well, that’s quite an interesting question because in some ways, people’s first response would be to say, “Are you nuts?” But I do see where you may be going with this. It is incorrect to say that Clen descreases endurance, Read More →


DNP is a very scary drug – but a very useful drug at the same time. Used incorrectly, it can lead to blindness, nausea, dizziness, profuse sweating, yellow body fluid emission, and very bad breath. Additionally, heavy use above recommended guidelines on dosage can lead to brain damage and death. Just as you would find Read More →