how effective is administering testosterone through patch therapy

How Effective Is Administering Testosterone Through Patch Therapy?

There are currently two ways in which testosterone can be administered in the form of therapy. The first method involves the application of a patch onto the scrotum. This patch is also referred to as the testoderm. Its application on the scrotum is most suitable since the skin that is found around this area of the male physique is quite suited for the unfettered passage of the testosterone without the use of enhancers of the process i.e. formulators. The best thing about using such a patch is that there is little or no irritation that results.

There are slight disadvantages of using this patch though but these are nothing to lose sleep about. You will just be required to shave the hairs that usually grow here and you will also bear the slight pain that is felt when peeling off the tape that holds the patch in place.

Application of the testoderm also has a tendency of inducing the onset of activity of reductase. This will happen on the surface of the scrotum and depending on the level of the activity this may serve to heighten the levels of peripheral DHT. To this effect you will find that the tissues that surround this area may get adversely affected. It is wise that you apply a testoderm each and every morning. The advised number of times that this patch can be changed on a daily basis is 4-6.

The second means through which the testosterone can be introduced into the body is through the endoderm. Unlike the testoderm, the endoderm can be applied on virtually every part of the body. The endoderm was developed with the notion that the body has different places where there is better absorption. In formulating the endoderm, the developers sought to present a product that comes complete with the necessary enhancers that augment permeation of the same into the body. As such the product is not offered with separate formulators.

The most important precaution that you should observe as a user or as a potential user of the endoderm is that this product must never be placed on the scrotal skin. This part of the body is known to have an elevated rate of permeation and it is for this reason that enhancing formulations are not recommended for use here. The best places where you can apply the endoderm are typically the flat regions of the skin. The endoderm should not be placed on areas where there is a lot of movement or where there are joints. Similarly, the endoderm is not to be placed in places where the skin makes many folds. The reason for this is because it will be difficult to stick the patch in place.

Another big piece of advice that you have to implement is the requirement to place the patch on different parts of the body; don’t select favorite spot and stick to it forever. There is a need that absorption be made possible from as many different body sites as possible. The unfortunate aspect here is if you are allergic to the patch meaning that the reactions will be felt all over the body as you move the patch’s location.

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