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The law is a very powerful tool. Possessing a better understanding of it will help you not only avoid trouble, but avoid putting yourself in any situations remotely related to trouble. The US Mail system is commonly used for transport and delivery of many compounds, including anabolic steroids. Here are a few things you may Read More →

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Unless you have a friendly doctor or terrific gym connection, ordering steroids from overseas will likely be your best option for obtaining AAS. As long as you are smart about placing the order, you can typically receive your wares without much interference. Here are some tips for ordering steroids through the mail safely. Use another Read More →

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Q:  Is $0.75 a pill a good price for Dragon Pharma Winnie 50mg tablets?  I say it’s average – at least for what I’ve been paying for gear. My buddy thinks I should just bend over and take it like a man because I’m getting a good “rodgering” from the price of these tabs anyhow!  Read More →