Beclomethasone Dipropionate which is more familiar under the name becotide is a commonplace drug nowadays and has been manufactured under many trade names since it made its debut on the market in 1972. This drug is meant as an anti-asthma preparation and has been successfully used over the past three decades by pregnant women without any harm to the babies that they carry. The success of this drug has elucidated much comment from the medical fraternity and as such many reviews have been made about it. The evidence that has been collected so far has lead scientists to comment that its use and that of other steroids of a similar nature can be used effectively in the course of pregnancy. To make things better, the unborn baby is also not deprived of oxygen when its mother is suffering from an asthmatic attack.

Tests have been carried out on animals to ascertain this fact and these tests have used quantities of the drug that are typically higher than what would be used in humans. The tests reveal that in spite of these huge quantities that were used, (high in the context of the human body), there is no harm that is evident.

Another drug that has elicited such positive characteristics is Budenoside or Pulmicort. This particular preparation includes steroidal components in its composition and it has been on the market for a number of years. In these years, the drug has been used by lots of people among these being pregnant women. The success story is similar to that which has been described above in the case of Becotide. There are virtually no harmful side effects that can be attributed to the use of Budenoside. The success also extends to the fact that the fetuses are not subjected to oxygen deprivation once the expectant mother is under asthma attack.

These are not the only preparations that include the use of steroids in the quest to manage asthmatic conditions. Some others in this category are Cromolyn and Nedocromil. Tests have since revealed that their use is both non-harmful and satisfactory. Their usage, as indeed the others that have been mentioned above, has been approved largely because of this sterling success that has been enjoyed since introduction as early as 1968. Despite the advances that have been made in the years the aforementioned drugs are still some of the most efficient when it comes to the management of asthmatic conditions.

One of the drugs that is now facing a declining use is Theophylline. Its decline is largely connected to the fact that many people are now inclined to use steroid based treatments that are packaged in an inhaler form. Theophylline is made in the form of tablets and this is one of its undoing properties. This is because unlike the conventional inhaler-form packages, this drug is broken down very slowly in the liver. It also has some effects on the lungs. Tests show that significant amounts of this preparation are to be found in the systems of unborn children.

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