Anavar Effects On Men & Women’s Physiques

Anavar is a bodybuilding drug that is good for men, and great for women. Clearly, it is a unisex anabolic. Introduced to the world in the mid-1960s, Anavar was wildly popular with your favorite bodybuilding legends for 25 years before being phased out in the late 1990s. Never one to miss a good opportunity, underground laboratories in Asia quickly began pumping out anavar faster than the US Treasury can print out money on a bailout bill. Today’s bodybuilders find anavar to be a useful drug, and typically easily available.

Anavar was originally designed to help stimulate growth in children, and help older women suffering from bone disease. When women began taking it, they soon discovered some pleasant side effects – namely increased lean muscle mass, and decreased body fat.

Most women avoid anabolic steroids because, simply put, they do not want to look like men. Taken at reasonable doses, anavar works well for that goal. Anavar does not cause most of the side effects observed in women during heavy androgen use. These side effects include hair growth, balding, deepening of the voice, clitoral growth, and a squaring of the jawline. Testosterone will deliver these side effects, as will most other steroids. But Anavar does not. For that reason, it is quite popular with women athletes from figure, to fitness, to bodybuilding, to track and field.

Men love anavar because it makes them strong! Powerlifters prefer it because it increases strength without the bloat of added water weight. When hopping on a scale before a meet, the powerlifter would like to weigh as little as possible. Wearing 7 pounds of water bloat doesn’t help the cause. Additionally, aromatization does not occur with Anavar use. This mean you don’t have to worry about gynecomastia! That alone makes it very popular with casual bodybuilders and athletes who don’t comprehend running SERMs and AIs to avoid the post-cycle nightmare that is uncontrollable estrogen levels.

And the most important reason men love anavar? It isn’t testosterone, and it does not interfere with the production of natural testosterone by the body. That’s right. Your endocrine system will continue pumping away as it always has. That shutdown of natural production by the testes is what scares away many potential steroid users. Who wants to deal with months or years of T issues? Who wants to risk infertility? Legit Dragon Pharma Anavar doesn’t affect hormone production in this way, which makes it a very popular option with those casual users who don’t like needles… which brings us to the final reason why anavar is a good choice. It is a 50 mg tablet. No needles. No injections. Pop your tablet, get stronger, and look great.

Now you understand why so many men and women, of all sports and training experience levels, choose anavar for their steroid of choice when attempting to get in shape or perform at their personal best level in a sport. When taken correctly, it’s a relatively safe drug which leads to good gains with minimal side effects. Moreover, it doesn’t leave a huge crater on your life, as it doesn’t impact hormone production levels. Man or woman, give anavar a shot, see if it’s right for you!

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