How To Recover From Gynecomastia

Q: I have been recovering from some light gyno—something I never have had to deal with before now—and I have been taking some Nolvadex. Some of the swelling beneath the nipple is going down, but it isn’t going down all the way and it’s pissing me off because I want to go on another cycle (it’s been 8 months now) but don’t feel I can until I get that gyno down more. Tell me though; I’ve heard that Nolvadex will minimize gains during a cycle. I was thinking of safeguarding myself during my next Test cycle with, like, double the dose of Tamoxifen, but will it kill my mass building results?

A: You’re asking a few questions here, as I understand it, and it’s a complex issue. First off, too much of anything can upset any balance and cause the opposite of what you expect to happen, happen. Yes, taking too much Tamoxifen can cause a minimizing of gains, but only because it makes some of the testosterones less effective. Remember, you need a small amount of estrogen for them to work optimally. Eradicating all of it, to avoid aromatizing properties, can be as much of a mistake—just a different one. Personally, I think Arimidex, because it’s a true anti-estrogen, will work better for the problem at hand at the moment.

Then again, you need to understand that you are not likely going to get rid of what you have under your nipple altogether, and may need some surgical assistance. You wouldn’t be the first, believe me. And it sucks because, unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, you may not always get this stuff right. You can take all the precautions, which usually work, but your body is a chemically different palate on a daily basis. So, what worked for you 5 cycles ago, when you come around to that same cycle again, may not work in quite the same way. Your body’s tolerance to it may have changed since then.

That’s why AS cycles are more an art within the science than just a strict science. They are creating a scenario for the body that it will either reject or accept. As for taking double the dose of Tamoxifen during your next cycle, that depends. You may want to increase your dose by one and a half, up from 0.25 of Arimidex or Nolvadex during parts of the cycle when things begin to kick in and could cause rapid aromatization to occur, and then cut back down and cycle it in much the same way you do the amounts of your AS, but it may be more of an issue of staying away from drugs that you know are going to be tricky.

There is something like 80 steroids out there and the list always grows. Finding a different one that is more compatible with your body may be another option. But as far as gains go, taking sane, appropriate doses of anti-e’s like Tamoxifen and Arimidex shouldn’t upset your progress too much. And remember, until your doses of Testosterone exceed 750mg taking an AI is probably not as necessary as you think.

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