various anabolic steroids side effects

Various Anabolic Steroids Side Effects

What is the worst possible anabolic steroids side effect? That answer should be easy Death, of course! Anything less than that is manageable, and anything more than that is possible. And death, as a side effect, is absolutely unacceptable. But how can you know you are taking your steroids right, and not risking this highly dangerous anabolic steroids side effect?

First off, you should visit your physician and have a blood panel done. You will know within a few days if there are any major health issues with your body for which you should be concerned. You will know that it is indeed safe for you to begin a cycle. And more importantly, you will know (upon conclusion of the cycle) that you’ve done everything right and your health is going back to normal. You won’t be facing that anabolic steroids side effect dreaded most, passing away!

Next, you will want to make sure that the cycle you are using has met the standards for safety desired. You certainly don’t want to be dealing with some of the nastier side effects of steroid use, including hair loss, acne, liver polyps, and Gynecomastia, right? However, if your steroids stack is unbalanced or just plain ol’ too heavy, then you are going to be placing your body at a major risk for some serious side effects. There are some top bodybuilders who are indeed running two full grams of testosterone injectable into their body each week. This level is 4 to 5 times higher than anything a physician or even a drug guru would recommend, but the fact of the matter is that the very huge bodybuilders willing to use this much of a dosage are going to see some insane results, but they’ll see some insane side effects as well. If you aren’t concerned with side effects, then by all means run any dose you’d like. But if your goal is to train heavy and change your physique without ruining your health, then keeping the dose size less than 800 mg per week is probably going to be your optimal move!

Finally, it is important to examine the source of the gear you are injecting into your body on a bi-weekly basis! Does your gear come from some assembly line worker in China or Taiwan or Canada, completely clueless in anything but jamming oil mixtures into boxes to send to greedy Americans? Do you have not a clue as to the hygienic or sterile nature of their laboratories? You’re crazy if you opt for unknown source like this. You would be better served to instead choose a dealer in the states, selling pharmaceutical versions of the most effective drugs needed by man. You may pay a bit more money for these guaranteed quality products, but the risk to your health should be well worth that cost, right?

Keep your head straight and use steroids sensibly from a good source. You’ll see great results and live long enough to enjoy the fruit of your labors!

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