Nolvadex has a darker void which is usually filled with some side effects, sometimes depicted in very low doses of around 30 mg in a single day. In a seldom case, nausea, hot flashes, vomiting, blurred vision and numbness could occur. In the order of females lives, there may arise irregular cycles of menstruation, which Read More →


“Bob had bitch tits”, or so the movie character famously said. This opening one-liner from Fight Club is perhaps the most mainstream mention of gyno. It introduced a generations of moviegoers to the horror that is male breast tissue growth, although many were already familiar with it. Gyno – What is it? Gynecomastia is a Read More →


Estrogen Control is vital for health and result potential reasons. High/prolonged circulating estrogen levels could have negatively affected the heart and other organs due to excess fat deposits and water retention. As you know, most severe water retention during anabolic steroids phases is due to estrogen and the resulting hormonal production increase of aldosterone. Elevation Read More →


One of the common side effects of the anabolic steroids use is the acne. Use of androgens tends to create such a problem for many bodybuilders and athletes. Sometimes struggling with this unpleasant condition is quite difficult and people try various methods like burning it with alcohol or eating complementary Vitamin A. But often none Read More →


Gynecomastia represents the medical term for the growth of female breast tissues in the male body. This action occurs when the male is presented with an unusually high level of estrogen, particularly with the use of strong aromatizing androgens such as testosterone and Dianabol. The surplus estrogen can act upon receptors in the breast and Read More →