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How To Boost Your Testosterone Production

Today’s male body builder has been feminized to epidemic levels.

The average levels of testosterone of a present day male body builder who does not use steroids is at approximately 50% of the levels that were naturally found in men just half a century ago. Medical research in recent years has raised concerns that males are loosing on their naturally existing hormone testosterone. The male in our society has been feminized out of control and we might soon see a corresponding amount of the hormone across the genders.

Is that a scare to you? You haven’t heard the half of it. The trend is continually developing and building on to worse. Several factors like poor dieting, where vital nutrients are declared unhealthy, are to blame. How do you declare red meat a ‘must not eat product’ when it has been a staple food of men years ago when we had no obesity concerns? Why are modern men eating everything synthetic?

Most body builders are today fully dependent on steroids for the supply of testosterone. No wonder the natural body builders are having a herculean task in building an inch of muscle when their juiced brothers are packing up like crazy. It is so hard for a man with inadequate levels of testosterone in the body, to build muscles because this hormone is very crucial in the development of male features of masculinity that differentiate male and female human beings. When you rob a man testosterone, you rob him of the ability to be masculine.

Yet it is still not too late to stop the epidemic loss of the hormone. For those body builders who do not like the idea of taking steroids, there is still a way in which they can still maintain their testosterone levels high. You can still become a real alpha-male like those on the pills, driving women crazy with a sizzling physique. The thing to do is just to turn your body into a dynamic natural testosterone producing machine. The body can be stimulated to produce awesome amounts of growth-hormones and testosterone.

One way to do this is to focus on using exercises with a high level of neuromuscular activation, which have been scientifically proven to trigger testosterone production.

First, ensure your workouts never exceed 45-50 minutes. This makes sure that the testosterone produced during exercises remains at high levels and is not plummeted into cortisol levels. The hormone, cortisol is a stress hormone which essentially eats the muscle tissues to create room for increased body fat storage. A male body builder should ensure that the hormone testosterone remains high but not too high to form cortisol. This is ideally done by keeping workouts short.

But dieting remains the main way in which a male body builder can maintain the hormone testosterone high. Synthetic foods and concentrated sugars activate a devastating natural hormones crash. Concentrated fats and chemical antibiotics that are regularly ingested into the body trigger rapid loss of muscle mass and replace that loss with concentrated body fat deposits.

You should also know that if you are eating the wrong foods at the wrong time you may be in for a devastating hormone crash that will cause rapid loses in muscle mass and the unwanted accumulation of body fat. A male body builder should seek specialist help to formulate a diet that injects the body with such foods that help increase testosterone levels in the body.

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