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Anabolic cycles vary from user to user, based upon goals, experience, and knowledge, and availability of desired compounds. The reason we don’t commonly see “THE” perfect cycle described for users is that each of these goals (and availabilities) calls for a different steroid cycle – in terms of compounds used, duration of cycle, and amount Read More →

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With all of the steroid discussion you see on the web today, it seems that sometimes beginner steroid users can feel overwhelmed. They see these detailed lists of complex chemical names. They don’t know what compounds come in pill form, and which goes into a vial to be injected. They see words like cycles, stacking, Read More →

Steroid Stacks

The abuse of steroids follows some clear patterns which are popularly referred to as cycling. In this pattern, many continued doses of steroids are taken within duration of a month and then this is suddenly stopped for a similar length of time. This is meant to give the body time to respond to the new Read More →

Women Injectable Steroids

Ladies, this article is all for you. You’ve been competing for a year or three, and you enjoy everything about it. Maybe you started in figure and worked your way into fitness as you learned the routines. Over time, you fell in love with the weights and have discovered a real interest in bodybuilding. You Read More →

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There has been a hypothesis that the decline in muscle breakdown could occur through the inhibition caused by the anabolic steroids on the action of other different steroid hormones so called glucocorticoids, which help in promoting the muscle breakdown. Anabolic steroids also have an effect on the cell numbers which develops into some fat-storage cells, Read More →