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Tips For Boosting Testosterone Levels When Off-cycle

When you are on cycle, you are on. You know what the effects are like. After a few weeks of AAS use, your blood testosterone levels are through the roof, and you are the strongest man on the planet, right? The muscle gains keep coming, your body is as hard as a rock, and you are stronger every week. When you end the cycle, things change. You move from enjoying the weekly T level of 400 or more mg per week to near-zero, and with any luck you can return to your previous levels of 10 mg per day or less that you possessed before the cycle. It is important to find ways to boost your natural testosterone levels in this off-cycle period. You will need a smaller dose of AAS once you start the cycle, and you’ll enjoy higher year-round levels.

You cannot just use willpower alone to raise your test levels in the off-cycle period, but willpower will help you complete some tasks that will lead to a rise. First off, address your diet. Cut out alcohol, which boosts estrogen while dropping testosterone levels.

If you currently eat soy, stop. A lot of studies show it lowers testosterone levels. Be sure to consume a fair amount of cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, turnips, radishes, and cauliflower, which have been shown to drop testosterone levels. Take fish oil, or EFAs (essential fatty acids) three times per day, and enjoy clean fat sources such as fish, avocados, and peanuts to ramp up your T levels. Supplements such as creatine and glutamine are very useful for this period as well, keeping more water in your body when you don’t have the anabolic assistance you’d prefer for that power-delivering water retention.

In terms of training, you need to go all out with a “balls to wall” attitude in the gym. Use the compound movements as much as possible. Hit the larger muscle groups with a greater intensity than you do the smaller groups, as it is stimulation of these areas which will lead to the greatest testosterone boost. Deadlifts, rows, and pulldowns work best for back mass. Use lots of free weight work for chest, including flat and incline pressing with barbell and dumbbells. Your leg training needs to be the most intense, as heavy leg training does spike T levels. Use free weights as much as possible, and you will wear the results, without question.

As far as the mental aspect goes, you are going to need to reduce your daily stress levels. Look at some of the world’s best bodybuilders when they show up at an Expo when off gear. They’re usually smiling bigger than everyone else in the place! Get more sleep, and know when to walk away from stressful situations which you cannot control. Sexual activity raises testosterone levels, so spend some time with the fairer sex as well. Enjoy every minute of life while utilizing a clean diet and hard training, and you’ll discover your off-cycle testosterone levels steadily rising!

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