long term effect of steroid use

The Long Term Effect Of Steroid Use

Many are the days when body builders run for one common drug, steroids. Some go for it without much information revolving around the drug. It is in this respect that I write this text to highlight some of the consequences of using steroids. The effects of steroids can be mainly grouped into short term effects and the long term effects.

To begin with, the short term effects of steroids are those which are felt within days or at most few weeks. One of such effects is the liver tumors. This is a problem that affects the liver of the user. It may turn fatal if not controlled at an early stage, something which may adversely affect the performance and consistency of the body builder. The second effect is the appearance of some tint in the eyes and skin, a state which is popularly known as jaundice. It is clearly that a body builder’s aim is to have that appealing look. This look even includes a better skin and the entire natural outlook. But when a drug now interferes with this, then automatically there will be that feel of desperation. This may affect the builder’s self esteem in the society. The third short term effect is the occurrence of high blood pressure. It is obvious that high blood pressure is one of the killer health conditions known by man. Whenever a body builder develops this condition, his life is in danger. He may not live to achieve that which he wants, a success in body building. It is a sad story that what one chose as a ladder to enable him reach a goal turns to be the greatest setback that eliminates him from the competition all together. Still under this category of short term consequences, we have the problem of fluid retention. The human body as is known is composed of fluids as one of the key elements of the body. Steroids, mainly affect water retention in the body. The body builder under this drug in most cases experiences a higher rate of water loss. This is not healthy especially with one whose life involves a hard exercise which definitely entails losing a lot of water. A secondary water loss due to drugs may not be health friendly.

About the long-term consequences, they are those effects that take a considerably longer duration of time to be noticed. The duration span can run into several months. Some of the effects are irreversible and this puts the body builder in a hard situation, in that before using steroid, he should be ready to live with the consequences. One of such irreversible long terms effects is premature balding. Balding as is always know is a condition that is basically associated with age. A situation where one will be forced by the reactions a drugs used to join this class of people before he is actually that old may lead to some social problems. It should also be noted that once balding has knocked the on the door, no turning back, the drug user must learn to live with it. Another deadly condition that comes with use of steroids is the hypertension. This is a condition that may lead to a body builder’s down fall in that he may take a lot of time in the hospital or being under some other drugs. Kidney disease is also a condition that comes with the use of steroids. It is a very risky disease which the drug user must be really informed about its effects before he could think of using the same. Stunted growth and heart damages are also some possible complications that accompany the use of steroids. Worst still, men can experience problems with their manhood such as shrinking of testicles and impotence or sterility. Steroids can further cause a rise in blood sugar by blocking the normal function of insulin. Finally, when one uses steroids for quite a long period of time then it can lead to diabetes, a deadly condition that is.

In a nutshell, before one subjects himself to steroids, the person should think of his future. How far can steroids take a body builder? Incase the duration is such short with regrettable consequences; the better option is to keep off the drug and chose the natural way of body building.

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