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The Difference Between Anabolic Steroids and Corticosteroids

Corticosteroids are chemical substances with medicinal value which are critical in the treatment of many diseases, most of which are chronic. Inflammation is the best known problem which has been successfully been remedied using steroids. It involves swelling of one or more of the body parts. The relief that is brought about by corticosteroids is proof of positive uses to which steroids and their derivatives can be put. However it is worth mentioning that the corticosteroids used to treat respiratory problems are very different from the anabolic steroids which have become popular but illegal aids to achievement among bodybuilders and athletes.

The term corticosteroid comes from the term cortisol, which is a hormone that our bodies produce as a natural form of steroid. Cortisol is good for human survival. When we are under intense stress, our adrenal glands release more cortisol into the body system, leading to lower risk of suffering from mental breakdown. This supply, unlike the case of their often-abused counterparts, has to be in highly controlled proportions and this function is performed by the brain.

As you abuse those steroidal supplements, you should bear in mind that your brain does not have the capacity to differentiate between the cortisol that it regulates and the supplements. This means that the production of cortisol stops immediately the supplements are introduced into the body. The adrenal glands in this case are said to have been suppressed. The recovery process for someone who has been abusing steroids is long and requires the directions and advice from a doctor. Ideally, after your adrenal glands have been thrown into suppression mode for a very long time, they cannot start up one day and start producing cortisol as if nothing happened. It is a slow process, which requires the steroid abuser not to stop taking the steroids not to abandon them abruptly. Instead, reduce your doses as instructed by your healthcare provider. Most likely they will put you on steroid medicines which may be in the form of inhalers or oral tablets.

As you cut down on the amount of the steroids, the doctor may enlist the help of the right kind of steroids. These steroids are similar to the corticosteroids that your adrenal glands should be producing. The dosage of these steroids may be reduced so as to give your body the challenge and trigger the automatic mechanism that would force it to produce its own cortisol. Any withdrawal effects are a sure sign that some serious changes are taking place in your body therefore this should not worry you much. They are indicators of your body’s response to low steroid levels.

The withdrawal signs and respiratory signs are the basis of classifying these changes. The former should disappear within a month or so. In case you have surgery or illness during this period, chances are that your adrenal glands will be thrown into inefficiency once again. It is important that you tell the doctors the truth about your past history with steroids before you start medication.

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