The Mighty Cypionate System

Since the discovery of steroid substances, there has been a tremendous development in steroidal compounds of far much greater vigor and ultimate vitality, which have been developed from the chemical component of the initial steroids, as their physiology stipulates. Most of these steroids were crude and diabolic in their initial components, as much as were […]

What Causes Anabolic Steroid Abuse

There has been widespread use of anabolic steroids among athletes, bodybuilders, people seeking to lose weight and those seeking to gain weight. Many athletes have been fascinated with steroids due to its ability to enhance their performance by boosting the energy levels. Those athletes participating in activities such as swimming, and marathons have been able […]

A Look At Anabolic Steroid Use And Your Muscle Metabolism

In the human body there exists a mechanism that regulates muscle metabolism which is of a more steroidal-hormonal nature. Steroids occur as anabolic and catabolic. Catabolic steroids are known for their muscle breaking properties, while anabolic steroids are the opposite; they are muscle building. In respect to the steroidal-hormonal mechanism, these two types of steroids […]

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