the methylation method of an anabolic steroid

The Methylation Method Of An Anabolic Steroid

When a steroid is being formulated, an option exists as to whether or not it should undergo the process of Methylation. In laymen’s terms, the Methylation process involves changing the chemical makeup of a steroid. It is through this process that so many of the “designer steroids” that we read about are created. These drugs are more effective, yet more toxic, and come with a whole new set of complications. Let’s learn more.

Increased effectiveness

Methylation certainly increases the effectiveness of a steroid in terms of leading to the most gains in size and strength. This is, after all, the primary goal of Methylation. The process is designed to change those features of a steroid which adheres to the receptors of cells in the body.

Increased toxicity

With the increased power of a steroid comes some increased side effects. Just as the muscle cell receptors interact with a more potent chemical compound, the receptors of the scalp, liver, prostate, and other parts of the body end up facing a much more toxic compound as well. The Methylation process can cause side effects to be much greater than they are with standard testosterone supplementation. Liver enzymes will likely skyrocket, although this is a temporary complication in the vast majority of patients, returning to normal after a sensible cycle of four months or less. Over-the-counter options like Tylenol and vodka are both far more toxic upon the liver than most anabolic concoctions, even the custom mixes!

Decreased detection

While some compounds are detectable in every test, there are some designer steroids which deliver the power of anabolic steroids, with no detectable signature. Think back to the BALCO scandal a few years back. A designer steroid called “The Clear” was developed which had zero recognizability using standard tests. It was only years later that this drug became known and was added to tested compounds lists. There are probably dozens or even hundreds of compounds “in play” today that are unknown – many of which will remain unknown forever as new and better compounds are developed.


Within the professional sports world, customized drugs using the Methylation process are commonplace. There is no negativity cast forth from fellow players. However, when the media is able to report upon a story, the perception of a custom synthetic solution moves from being a creative, useful solution, to “a fancy way of cheating”. It’s important to remember that not all scientific breakthroughs are considered morally right, no matter how useful they may be for improving lives.

Creating new compounds creates an entirely new set of circumstances, as well as risks. Designer steroids are sold on the gray and black markets, and are a huge cottage industry for those with the knowledge to manipulate compound signatures, and the cavalier attitude required to do it for a living. Which creators of unique compounds may skirt the law in some instances, it’s quite “Clear” that the next great breakthrough in steroids will come from their laboratory, not the guys on the right side of the law.

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