understanding an addiction to anabolic steroids

Understanding An Addiction To Anabolic Steroids

It is said that anabolic steroids are very strong drugs and should be taken only with a doctor’s prescription. Just a little dose can cause adverse effect to the body system. Taken with a little diet supplement and with some exercises. it will combine with hormones and cause muscles to grow. It is common knowledge that steroids are very addictive, many body builders feel the urge to have more and more of the steroids they use. They more they use the steroids the more their muscles grow and this makes them happy.

Anabolic steroids work by increasing protein metabolism in the body and also speed up tissue recovery. So the claim that anabolic steroid is addictive is yet to be ascertained. This is because testosterone which makes up the highest percentage of anabolic steroids does not form muscles. The growth of muscles is solely due to a response to stimulation because of testosterone.

It is still a wonder how body builders can be able to sustain their natural testosterone after taking anabolic steroid for sometime. Some people believe that it is impossible to resume natural testosterone without using another drug to stimulate it. This brings on board testosterone supplementation which is still off the shelves. If so many anabolic steroids users want to use it then it would be a good idea to put it on the shelves.

The body is full of androgen receptors, with the bulk in the brain. Any change in medication causes the brain pattern to alter in triggering hormone production. There is solid evidence that steroids cause production of endorphins which resemble morphine that is produced naturally by the brain. This morphine causes “a sense of well-being”. These substances can cause the body to be immune to sense of pain and even affect sexual preference. Anabolic steroids are said to imitate the action of opioid substance and cause addiction.

Apparently a favourite anabolic steroid for many body builders in America, Deca Durabolin is proven to have caused loss of sexual stamina among its users because of its effect in the pituitary gland in the brain. The counter reaction, which controls testosterone production, is destabilised quickly by injectable androgen anabolic steroid.

A body builder named Steve got his doctor to prescribe testosterone Cypionate that is injection to him due to alleged deficiency of testosterone in his body. He started with a 100 mg injection which had little effect. So his doctor increased the dose to 200 mg after every ten days. Steve began by feeling low in his sexual drive then his nipples began enlarging and feeling very sensitive. With time Steve was feeling very bad but at the same time he was very pleased with the effect of the drug on his muscles. His sexual drive had gone so low due to the testosterone effect on his pituitary glands.

Steve found it hard to get off the medication and his natural testosterone production went very low. He was somehow addicted to the steroid and this was mainly due to the excessive use of the drug.

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