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Steroids are organic compounds which contain a certain arrangement of cycloalkane rings which are linked to each other. There are many examples of steroids. They include sex hormones such as testosterone and estradiol, dietary fat cholesterol and dexamethasone which are anti-inflammatory drugs. Steroids have a biochemical structure which is quite complex in nature. They have functional groups which vary from one class to another. Most of the functional groups of steroids are attached to a four ring carbon chain. Sterols are a type of steroids. The functional group, which is the hydroxyl is at the third carbon atom.

There are hundreds of different steroids. Some of these biomolecules are found in plants, animals and fungi. All steroids in the planet are either made from the sterols which are present in fungi and animals or they are made from cycloartenol which are found in plants. Cortisol, estrogen, testosterone and progesterone are all steroids.

Progesterone and estrogen are made in the ovary and also the placenta when one is pregnant. Steroid biosynthesis produces the steroids from uncomplicated precursors. The biological process in which steroids are made from cholesterol is called steroidogenesis.

There are many reasons why people choose to use and abuse steroids. For more than fifty years, some athletes have used steroids to enhance their athletic ability and performance. Most people use these drugs so as to increase their physical strength, their body size, their stamina or even speed. Many users observe the use of steroids as a worthwhile endeavor and yet they never consider the risk. Most of them say that they get a great feeling and also a better self-image when they use the steroids. The youth always use these drugs so as to build their bodies to enable them look like bodybuilders they often see in magazines. Young men take the drugs to build their bodies so as to look more pleasing to women.

There is large number of steroid abusers. The number of adult abusers is much higher than that of teenagers. The numbers are high because most of the abusers do it secretly hence they go unnoticed. Most of these people use the drugs without knowing the other steroid side effects. The only side effects of steroids they know are increase in size of the body. They know that if they use the steroids, they can be strong enough and also quite big and look admirable.

Most users know what are the side effects of steroids but they continue using them regardless of this knowledge. Steroids are some time prescribed for some patients. They can be used in treatment of some kind of disorder. They are however used under the supervision of medical personnel. The use of these drugs has some short term effects.

The first short term side effect of steroids is acne. Acne is common in many adolescents. But when these people persist with the use of steroids, the acne gets severe. It spreads rapidly. This can be explained scientifically. The explanation is that the steroids increase the size of the sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands are found in the skin. With the increased size of these glands, there is more oil production. The oil or sebum leads to formation of a plug and this serves as feed for bacteria. There is increase in hormonal production during the puberty stage. These hormones enable growth and development including various body changes. The same hormones are responsible for the triggering of acne. Use of the drug will trigger a hormonal imbalance hence leading to an acne explosion.

Steroids also lead to shrunken testicles. This is because the hormone testosterone comes from the outside source which is the steroids. The testicles therefore do not produce their share because the body already has the supply. This has also lead to temporal sterility. The low production of the hormone from the testicles leads to the shrinking.

Gynecomastia is a condition where a male develops breasts. This is due to an improper testosterone balance. The human body converts the excess testosterone to estrogen and other female hormones. The result is the formation of the female breast tissue.

High blood pressure is also an effect of the steroid use. The steroids increase an increase in the number of red blood cells. The result is high blood pressure. The information about the short term effects of steroids is therefore very important.

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