The Legal Steroid More Powerful That Growth Hormone

Q: What is Sermorelin? Is it a supplement available over the counter, and just given an “official sounding” name like a lot of crap out there, or is it the real deal? hear it’s more powerful than GH?

A: Officially named GhRF 1-29 NH2-acetate, Sermorelin is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). It is a drug, not a supplement with a fancy name. it was originally marketed for children with a GH deficiency, and alleviated the need to take GH, or was an analog to GH. However, it was withdrawn from the market for children. It failed in its applications when used in children, for the same reason it became known as a good therapy in adults. In actuality, it is a better alternative than GH-replacement for an adult male in his 30s or 40s.

Sermorelin is regulated at the level of the pituitary, so it’s similar to GH, but it stimulates pituitary gene transcription of human growth hormone messenger RNA (known as hGHmRNA) which increases pituitary GH reserves. Without getting into a lot of medical mumbo-jumbo, the reason it is actually a great alternative to GH is that it more naturally mimics the body’s natural pulsing release of it. Whereas you have a steady flow of GH that is constant when you inject it, and it never abates during that GH cycle, this is more episodic in its release in the body and more naturally mimics our natural physiologic response of hormone release. Off label Sermorelin is not yet regulated by the Feds, so get it while you can.

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