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Overview Of Steroids Effects

Many athletes take steroids to get desirable steroids effects. While the desirable steroids effects may give them an edge in competitions, they do not always count on experience the undesirable steroids effects, which range from mild to serious. Most sporting competitions have outlawed the use of steroids, because the steroids effects really can give the unfair advantage to the user.

Anabolic steroids effects include those that are desired by athletes including increased muscle mass and endurance. One of the steroid effects includes weight gain and this is usually related to the building of lean muscle, not the gaining of fat. Other anabolic steroids effects include bone growth and stimulation of the bone marrow activity. An athlete that has already reached his peak in performance will realize increased steroids effects over one that has just begun to train.

Anabolic steroids effects are those that are related to the masculine characteristics similar to those produced by the hormone, testosterone. Steroids effects of this nature include male pattern baldness, increased growth of body hair, and increased libido. While these steroids effects are not undesirable for many men, the same steroids effects may be very undesirable for women who take them.

Women in competition have also enjoyed the positive steroids effects of increased muscle mass, endurance, and increased fat burning over the years. For women taking steroids for any length of time the undesirable steroids effects include deepening of the voice, increased body and facial hair, and clitoral growth. These steroids effects may prove more undesirable for women than for men.

While steroids effects can certainly be useful in treating many serious medical conditions, even prolonged uses for legitimate reasons can produce negative steroids effects such as those above. Even more serious steroids effects exist including long-term damage to the body. Occasionally this damage is irreversible.

Long-term serious steroids effects include damage to the liver, heart, blood vessels, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. These steroids effects usually occur due to inappropriate dosage or prolonged exposure to the drugs. Steroids effects are the same whether the route of administration is by mouth, through injection, or through skin absorption.

Steroids effects can include more than physical changes. One of the common steroid effects is a change in mental status or mood. Often times a new user of steroids feels a euphoria, which may contribute to the increased endurance and ability to perform. Serious mood related steroids effects could progress to include irritability and even violent outbursts.

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There are many ways to acquire steroids that will produce the desired steroids effects. Certainly, there are prescription drugs available, but physicians are usually not likely to prescribe them for the athletes who desire a boost in performance. Over the counter steroids, type drugs can be obtained from health food stores and mail order companies. These will produce the same steroids effects, both the good and the bad. Be aware that the FDA does not regulate these sources, so the quality and quantities of the active ingredients may not be assured, but most of them still provide the same steroids effects.

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