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Most people are familiar in passing with the negative steroids effects. The media has been reasonably successful in conveying the dangers of steroid abuse, and most people avoid the drugs for this reason. However, many young people are still not sure exactly what steroids effects are, and the curiosity and stubbornness of youth may cause them to go ahead with the drug abuse despite the warnings they get. Often, by the time the steroids effects have taken place in a big way the young person will be addicted to them, either physically or emotionally, the latter being due to the pressure to continue succeeding at their chosen sport or athletics. In this article, we will discuss steroids effects in some more detail so that people can gain a better understanding of them and make a more informed choice.


First, let us consider some of the purported positive steroids effects. It is important to understand this side of the issue so that the incentive is clear and there is no mystery about why someone is taking them. Steroids effects that are positive on the body include an increase in lean muscle mass, greater strength, the ability to work out longer and harder and to return to working out sooner. The steroids effects are thus compounded; taking them increases the ability to work out, which results in even greater muscle and endurance gains.

Superficial Side Effects

Steroids effects also include negative aspects, of course. The side effects of steroid abuse are well documented and are more complex than many realize due to them being very different for men and women. In fact, the steroids effects are almost the opposite for each. Common steroids effects for men include a reduction in sperm count and testicular size, reduced sex drive, an increase in breast size, and a general feminization of the body. For women, the steroids effects tend to be the opposite, with an increase in masculinity including reduced breast size, changes to the menstrual cycle, a deepening of the voice, and even the growth of male-pattern hair, including on the face.

Serious Side Effects

All of the above steroids effects affect mainly one’s appearance, however. There are also deeper problems that occur and drastically damage a person’s health. These steroids effects tend to be more similar for men and women. More serious steroids effects include skin problems such as acne outbreaks and unpleasant cysts. When combined with serious exercise, steroids effects can include strokes and heart attacks. Psychological steroids effects are also common, and include both depression and aggression.


Anyone reading this article should see by now that steroids effects are very serious and something to be avoided above all else. Athletes of any age (though particularly teenagers) should be encouraged to go without steroids. The risks of being caught are trivial compared to the damage that occurs to one’s health as a result of steroids effects. Finally, the damage can be undone by stopping the use of the drugs. The steroids effects will likely gradually wear off by themselves, but a doctor should be seen all the same just to be sure that no long-term damage has occurred.

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