chemical analysis of steroids

Chemical Analysis of Steroids

Another name for steroids is anabolic androgenic steroids. It relates with male sex hormones since the main component in steroids is testosterone. The main organs which are at risk of being adversely affected by steroids are the cardiovascular system, the reproductive system, the liver and hormone producing organs such as the adrenal gland. Acute poisoning as a result of steroid intake is not common. Abuse and chronic consumption can be hazardous.

Excessive androgen is a problem to the body. Irregular menstrual cycle results from too much androgen which disrupts the delicate hormonal balance in the body. Orally administered anabolic steroids are a major cause of liver problem resulting from damage. A substitution of alpha-17 carbon is the main agent of liver damage. When these agents are being withdrawn from he system, psychiatric disorders may result.

Clinical effects are best assessed from the viewpoint of cases of overdose. A common symptom of acute overdose is gastrointestinal disturbance. When used for a very long period of time, steroid often bring about increase in male characteristics in both men and women. They have also been found to influence the sexual function and exacerbating cardiovascular problem and bringing in new ones. Clitoromegaly is enlargement of the clitoris and steroid can cause such a condition. Shrinking of the testicles is common among male steroid users. Women are likely to experience irregular menses.

Diagnosis of steroid users often depends solely on patients’ history of oral or injection modes of steroid administration. Muscle bulk may also indicate signs of steroid abuse. When biochemical tests of the liver are taken, signs of irregular patterns of functions may be observed. Laboratory tests of urine unearth covert users of steroids. The metabolites of urine are equally useful in the diagnosis.

A common first aid procedure involves supportive therapy. Steroid users need care and the appropriate treatment and management approaches in cases where chronic intoxication has already taken place. Professional approach to this problem is as helpful as it is in the case of other drug addiction and dependency cases.

The physico-chemical attributes are best considered in terms of the origin of the steroid. Some genuine steroids gear for sale occur naturally such as the hormones in our bodies. Others are synthetic, meaning they have been manufactured in factories using raw materials extracted from adrenal tissue or by modifying the contents of cholesterol. Testosterone is the main component of all steroids and can be extracted in a modified form using alkalination, estrification or modification of the nuclei of steroids

For attributes such as color, it is important to note that different steroid types have different colors which have been specially coded to match with specific tags for easier classification according to properties. There exist many monographs containing these color descriptions. The same case applies to the description and the state in which they occur. For details on the shelf life and storage conditions it is always a good habit for one to keep checking at the bottom or top of the containers.

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