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What Happens When You Inject Steroids Into Muscle Instead Of Fat?

Question: I feel really bummed this week because twice I feel like my shots went into the fat and not the muscle. Will it still be absorbed enough to work and count toward my mass cycle?

Answer: It’s going to take longer, but dude, if you’ve got that much adipose in the off season, you may want to go to an inch and a half needle or longer! Also, you could be going in at an angle since you are doing it yourself and are, perhaps, inexperienced. While it’s probably a relief at times to find a not-so-tough spot to go into, but it’s going to be less effective. Also, if you go in at an angle, as opposed to perpendicular, you’re going to have far more chances for lumps, and subsequently, abscesses. Keep rotating your sites so you don’t get a build up there. We remember a popular blonde pro from the late 80’s who did the North American with TWO, count ˜em, two, suits on to push down his abscess which was clearly sticking out on his hip. It was like he was hiding a small child there. Oh, well, maybe not a small child in his pants Okay, scratch that. But let’s just say everyone knew what it was and what it was from. So, bottom line, if you inject into the fat from time to time, you’re probably not hurting yourself as much. It’ll be absorbed, eventually, but with less potency, so try to hit the mark or have someone do it for you!

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