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While more commonly found in males, both men and women have been known to take steroids with the hope of various intended physical steroids effects. The desired steroids effects are similar to those of the naturally occurring male hormones testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. People generally take steroids because of typical steroids effects of building muscle mass. They can be either taken in a pill form or injected intravenously in a liquid form. There are some beneficial steroids effects and proper usage techniques to make the most of steroids effects. However, no steroid is free of adverse side effects, when abused steroids effects can become quite dangerous.

Athletic Steroids Effects

Whether to enhance athletic ability in a sport or number of physical activities, or for the sole purpose of body building, many people make use of steroids effects in order to achieve several physical benefits. Steroids effects can be evident in such athletic enhancements as physical size, speed, strength, and stamina. The desired steroids effects are possible because of their ability to stimulate cell protein synthesis. This increased production of protein leads to a buildup of excess cellular tissue that is most prominent in muscle cells. This increase in lean muscle enables the user to train harder for longer periods of time and to bulk up in size all around.

Medical Steroids Effects and Uses

There are many therapeutic steroids effects used in medicine. Certain steroids, when administered properly by a physician, can be used to stimulate bone growth for the prevention of osteoporosis and as a treatment for AIDS. Steroids effects are commonly used to induce puberty in individuals when necessary, steroids effects aid in the eradication of infertility issues in men. Steroids effects are also good for many cancer patients because of their ability to increase lean muscle mass, and spike patients’ appetites and energy levels.

Minor Adverse Steroids Effects

The development and maintenance of masculine characteristics are also common steroids effects. Increased growth of the vocal cords is included in the array of steroids effects. Enlargement of the vocal cords causes the voice to sound deeper and more masculine. Another example of masculine steroids effects on the body is increased hair growth. These may not seem very bad to men, but they can also affect women who use steroids which is much more undesirable. Steroids effects also include the initiation of unwanted early puberty in young adults, particularly males, an increase in acne, and stunted growth in anyone who has not yet finished growing when they begin to use steroids.

More Serious Adverse Steroids Effects

Steroids effects are particularly hard on the heart. They are linked with dangerously high levels of LDL, the bad kind of cholesterol, as well as a decrease in HDL, the good kind of cholesterol. This can later lead to heart disease. In addition, the heart’s left ventricle’s structure is directly affected by steroids effects. High blood pressure is also included in steroids effects that can cause heart problems as well. The liver also takes some damage due to steroids effects.

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