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Mild And Serious Steroids Effects

There is still some controversy as to steroids effects and the potential harm they can do to the body. As with all drugs long terms effects often depend on the type and amount taken before a true analysis can be made. Another factor to consider is how long the steroids have been used.

Steroids effects can range from mild to severe and may create physical or emotional problems. When adverse signs appear they are often reversed by stopping the drug cycle. For long term users there may be permanent extensive damage. Before starting a steroid regimen, it may be helpful to do some research.

Scientific data shows the creation of natural hormones is prohibited when introducing steroids or hormones into the body. This is triggered when messages to stop testosterone are sent to the endocrine system. In order to perform at top levels the body needs to be in total balance or homeostasis. This imbalance or overload can be reversed once steroids are out of the system.

Other steroids effects have been linked to liver damage. Only certain steroids have been shown to cause any problems. While testing for potential failure or damage a higher enzyme level was found in the liver when using steroids. They may also cause high cholesterol by lowering the LDL or good cholesterol.

Some physical side effects can be extremely harmful while others may be less dangerous. Often steroid side effects can produce unwanted, although not life threatening symptoms. Excess estrogen in the body can produce breast tissue growth in men. Enlarged breasts are often uncomfortable due to appearance, itchy nipples and pain.

Increased gland productions are a steroids effect that causes adult acne. It is not only unattractive but can be painful when overactive glands because pores to become clogged faster than the body can clear them. This can depend on the steroid and the dosage used. Certain steroids effects can dissipate that can be reversed over time once they are no longer in system.

Certain steroids effects such as aggressive behavior have been reported as a result of taking these types of drugs, however new research concludes that only 5% showed psychiatric symptoms while using them. Upon further investigation, studies found many who took steroids had type A personalities and were already combative by nature.

Premature Male Baldness may occur in those who are genetically predisposed to hair loss. The scalp is highly affected by hormones and steroids and responds by hair follicle shut down. Although not harmful, it may be something to consider before taking steroids.

Other steroids effects can include stunted growth in those not yet fully grown. Women may experience male characteristics such as developing a deeper voice, excess body hair, enlarged genitalia, baldness or acne.

Damage that is more serious can lead to irreversible cardiovascular issues such as enlarged ventricles. High blood pressure can also occur due to bulk weight gain that creates extra stress on the heart. The heart must work harder to ensure proper blood circulation throughout the body.

As with the heart, the kidneys are also put under undue strain when taking steroids. The steroid effects can result in a darker than usual urine color, indicating kidney stress. Long term steroid use may also cause a suppressed, weakened or altered immune system.

With many steroids effects to consider it is up to the individual to seek proper advice before starting or continuing use. Minor effects are often overlooked yet the more serious damage may be worthy of investigation. You can find more information, illustrations and charts that provide more details on steroid effects.

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