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The Top 3 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Deca

Deca-Durabolin is a very popular, albeit misunderstood steroid. Since the days of Arnold, bodybuilders have taken Deca either via injection, or less commonly via liquid or tablets. It is a common, cheap, and fairly available steroid. However, it’s not a “one stop shot” for muscle building success. In order to make the best possible bodybuilding gains – and avoid very unfortunate side effects – Deca use must be responsible and deliberate. Here are three of the most commonly asked questions by bodybuilders regarding the use of Deca.

Will it make me look like a bodybuilder?

Deca, when taken alone, will help you to look much more like a bodybuilder. You will develop extreme muscle hardness. You’ll grow stronger on all of your lifts in the gym, particularly the squatting and pressing. Often the difference between a natural and chemically assisted bodybuilder in the gym is 100 pounds on the squat or bench press. When taken with testosterone in a stack, or two liquid oil steroids mixed together and injected, you will find much better results. An injection of 200 mg of Deca, twice per week, will deliver some solid gains. However, when this 400 mg is injected weekly along with 250 to 400 mg of testosterone, the gains will be sensational. In addition, the user will avoid some of the more pesky side effects of sole Deca use –namely erectile dysfunction.

Will it lead to erectile dysfunction?

The use of Deca – and Deca alone – will invariably mess with your sexual function. You will still have sexual urges, and you will still feel the need to show off you new physique with the fairer sex. The problem will arise when your member does not arise. Many Deca users are unaware of this side effect, or deny they are suffering form it, until it actually hits them. At this point, a cycle of Clomid or HCG is needed just to get things back in working order, which can take up to a month. The alternative, and wise move from the start, is to run testosterone along with your Deca.

Can it cause gyno?

Deca can, and most definitely will, cause the dreaded condition known as Gynecomastia in users. Initially, users may notice nothing at all different about their chest. Then, they may feel some tissue hardening under the nipples. Before long, serious swelling and hardness (along with the trademark tenderness) may be present. Or, the gyno may seem to subside. This is not always the case. It may be hidden beneath your skin, only to reveal itself at the absolute worst time when you diet down for your next show. By this point, the gyno will be permanent, and Letrozole or other compounds will not work. Only surgery will save you at this point. Some users of Deca will not experience gyno at all. It’s a crapshoot, based upon many factors including diet, hormone levels, and genetics. Use Nolvadex, Letrozole, or another PCT (post-cycle therapy) drug following your cycle or at the tail end of your cycle when gyno symptoms develop for the first time.

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