Nandroxyl is an androgenic anabolic steroid of the second class, which differs structurally from testosterone by the presence of hydrogen in the 19th position. 19-Nortestosterone is a long-acting steroid that is mixed with vegetable oil. But also Nandroxyl can be synthesized by the human body under natural conditions, although the concentration of its metabolites in the urine ranges from 0.01 to 1.79 ng/mol, and, therefore, the Anti-Doping Committee set the standard for it’s content in urine 2 ng/mol in men and 5 ng/mol in women. Although there are reasons to believe that even in natural conditions, the concentration of Nandrolone metabolites in urine may be higher, which is due to nutrition, pregnancy, individual characteristics, training and other factors.

Nevertheless, because of potential harm to health and due to ethical considerations, the Olympic Committee banned the use of Nandrolone in 1976, which, unfortunately, did not reduce the popularity of this doping agent. And although Nandrolone was synthesized in the distant 1950, it still remains one of the most popular steroids, not only among adults, but also among young men. This is due to the effectiveness of Nandroxyl in stimulating muscle growth and strength indicators, as a result of which young people who, they think, look good, take Nandroxyl at doses higher than medical ones in dozens and a hundred times. And this is a huge problem, because steroids can cause significant and irreparable harm to health!

On the potential consequences of the use of steroids, we have already written a separate large review, so we recommend that you read it here, and within the framework of this article, let’s review the facts established in the studies related to the use of Nandroxyl. At the same time, we do not attempt to demonize this drug at all, as it has a number of positive properties, in particular, it is used in the treatment of potency disorders, hemodialysis, aplastic anemia, asthenia in AIDS patients, protection of the immune system in cancer patients, treatment of osteoporosis and cachexia, as well as for wound healing. And it is the latter that makes it possible to use Nandroxyl and to change the appearance.

The point is that the plastic changes in muscle fibers during recovery from physical exertion are very similar to the inflammatory processes during wound healing, and testosterone simulates the activity of the immune response that provides this process. Not to mention the fact that testosterone stimulates the production of IGF-1 regulating the process of synthesis of muscle protein, therefore, insulin-like growth factor is often part of the complex “course” of dishonest athletes. And since recently the popularity of androgenic anabolic steroids, Nandroxyl in particular, has increased very much, both among athletes and amateurs, let us consider in more detail which physical and cognitive changes may occur occur in the body under their influence.

Physical: the anabolic index of Nandroxyl is higher than that of testosterone, and the androgen index is lower, so Nandroxyl is a pronounced long-acting anabolic, providing muscle growth. Since Nandroxyl also affects negatively the state of the lipid profile of the vessels and the level of adiponectin, it in turn increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. And we remind that Nandroxyl is one of the three most popular steroids. But athletes use it not only for the sake of muscle growth, but also for the sake of strengthening the joint-ligament apparatus. And this is not a very justified procedure, since if muscle growth is capable of providing dosages of 200 mg of active ingredient per week, significantly higher dosages may be needed to strengthen the bones.

Nandroxyl did not show any positive effect on improving aerobic endurance, on results in running and motor activity of a similar type. At the same time, there are stable correlations of Nandroxyl injections and levels of corticoid and somatotropic hormones. In particular, Nandroxyl injections decrease the level of corticoid hormones. But the main purpose of Nandroxyl is precisely in stimulating the growth of muscle mass and strength indicators, therefore, this drug is mainly accepted by athletes of power sports, although it is on the list of prohibited doping funds.

Cognitive: in large doses stimulates aggression, as well as impotence, stimulates dopamine activity and receptor sensitivity to it, which stimulates the expectation of side effects from the use of steroids, causing dependence on the latter. Nandroxyl stimulates a sense of anxiety, hyperactivity and sleep disorders. In rats, memory impairments are observed with Nandroxyl injections, but these data can not be fully extrapolated to humans.

Conclusion: Nandroxyl is a pronounced anabolic, contributing to the growth of muscle mass and strength, the use of which is prohibited by the Anti-Doping Committee and carries enormous health risks.

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