The Wide World of Stanozolol

Q: I’m interested in using Winstrol. Can you tell me a bit about it?

A: Well, the drug itself is called Stanozolol. It is sold under the name Winstrol. When conducting your research, you should use Stanozolol as the search term. It’s a very useful drug for adding lean muscle mass, shedding body fat, and for athletes, performing better. You will become bigger, faster, and stronger if you use Stanozolol, it’s that simple. It’s a safe drug, delivering a fair amount of muscle gain with minimal side effects.

Q: Is this a new steroid?

A: No, it’s been around for almost 50 years. Tried and true, and used with just about every bodybuilding legend you’ve admired since the 1960s.

Q: Is Stanozolol an oral or injectable steroid?

A: It is both. Possessing a large bioavailability, it does not break down much in the liver, making it ideal for safe muscle gains.

Q: Can women use it?

A: Yes, Stanozolol is very popular for female fitness, figure, and bodybuilding athletes.

Q: What about side effects in men? Should I worry about gyno?

A: There is little to no risk of Gynecomastia, water bloating, or some of the other common side effects when you use Stanozolol.

Q: I heard something about cholesterol. Is this an issue with Stanozolol?

A: It is true that those who use Stanozolol often experience a negative change in their good and bad (HDL and LDL) cholesterol levels. For this reason, many bodybuilders opt for Furazabol, which delivers most of the same positive effects of Stanozolol without the cholesterol issues. If you’re a young person in good health, cholesterol may not be much of a concern. If you’re older or have a family history of heart disease, it’s definitely something to take into consideration.

Q: What are the real-life (non-athletic) uses of Stanozolol?

A: Stanozolol is used with patients suffering from muscle-wasting diseases. Those with anemia, HIV, cancer, or a number of other conditions see a great reduction in muscle wasting when they use Stanozolol.

Q: What about animals?

A: Good question. Although banned, it’s used in horse racing, and has been for the last forty years. It’s also used to treat animals recovering from ailments. The same red blood cell count boost that occurs in humans (leading to holding onto weight and making gains) works in animals as well!

Q: Are there any famous incidents of Stanozolol use?

A: Ben Johnson, the Olympian stripped of his medals following the 1988 Summer Olympics, is probably the most famous Stanozolol failed drug test of all time. Baseball player Rafael Palmeiro was suspended from major League baseball for using the drug. Sport Illustrated has accused Barry Bonds of using it as well. MMA warrior Tim Sylvia was stripped of his 1993 title for a positive Stanozolol test. There is a wealth of track and field athletes who have tested positive for this drug. Aside from the bodybuilding angle (which may be your focus), you can see this drug is very popular in the world of athletic performance.

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