steroid profile: clomid

Steroid Profile: Clomid

Chemical Name: Clomiphene Citrate

Street Name: Clomid

Clinical Use

This may sound odd, but Clomid is actually used by women to stimulate ovulation. This is prescribed when pregnancy doesn’t occur within a reasonable time for those women whose reproductive organs have not been compromised in any other way. So why would a bodybuilder want to use it? Read on…

Bodybuilding Use

Before I get started into the uses and explanations of Clomid, I’ll just say this: Drugs are peculiar… and wonderful, magical, frustrating, puzzling and mystifying… after all, these are the only explanations for why a drug like Clomid, which is a synthetic estrogen, can work in the male body as an anti-estrogen, despite the fact that males have estrogen receptors that any and all estrogen can and will attach itself to! Have I lost you?

Bodybuilders spend the greater part of their competition years taking drugs to combat free-floating estrogen as a result of aromatization of testosterone. So why would a bodybuilder take a drug like Clomid (a synthetic estrogen) when they are trying for maximum testosterone-induced muscle gain without the presence of the female hormone “estrogen”? Because, oddly enough, Clomid is blocked from being able to attach itself to estrogen receptors, whilst also stimulating testosterone production that has been subjugated by injecting.

The best way I can describe this is to tell you to think of the most beautiful, slamming, sexy, woman you’ve ever seen, and imagine that, whenever you want her, she doesn’t want you. Just when you don’t want her, she always wants you! Make sense? Well, I tried. It’s like this: When you don’t want estrogen to form within your body because of your unmitigated, abusive use of testosterone, it shows up and causes raging bitch tits! Whenever you voluntarily take estrogen (Clomid), no way, no how does your body suffer any ill effects from taking it. What’s more, it actually produces what you’ve wanted all along: production and release of testosterone as a result of stimulating the endocrine hormone gonadotropin.

Recommended Dose

Doses of this drug are pretty straightforward: 50 to 100mg daily for 4 weeks is really sufficient. Some people prefer splitting their dose of this to make the flow of Clomid (and reawakening of testosterone) more consistent and even-keeled. Start with 100mg, and after about 10 days, reduce the dose to 50mg for the next week or so. Try not to go over a few weeks of taking it. If your testosterone production hasn’t kicked in after that, go see a doctor dude, you may have messed something up along the way!

Side Effects

For men, the side effects can be vision disturbances, such as blurred eyesight, flickers and peripheral view problems, or an overall feeling of pressure on the eyes. It’s recommended that you stop taking Clomid at this juncture, and begin taking HCG instead. (The truth is, switching in midstream is perfectly acceptable and won’t hinder the ‘reawakening’ process because the drug remains, residually, for at least a week or so).

Price And Availability

This is a drug that’s pretty available, to tell you the truth. It’s not hard to get through legitimate sources, black market sources or online. Mexico is another option. The world is your oyster on this one, so to speak. However, it doesn’t follow the typical “supply and demand” schematic in terms of price. In plain English, that means that it’s still darn expensive even though you can get it lots of places. Obviously, black market sources are highest, but maybe you can strike a deal with your supplier to throw in Clomid tabs for $4/tab. The usual back alley price is between $4 and $7. In Mexico, it’s a bit cheaper, but most guys would rather take fake ‘roids from Mexico than risk low testosterone and aromatization with fake Clomid. It’s all up to you, but even the highest price Clomid is a better bet than the alternative.


This should be fairly straightforward. Even though Clomid can sell for as high as $10 a tab in places where shipments don’t arrive too often or it’s too risky, I haven’t heard of anyone actually counterfeiting the drug. Sure, I just said to be wary of Mexico, but I think that’s a standing order in the world of bodybuilding drugs anyway, isn’t it?


Not tested for since it is a fertility drug for women used to restart testosterone production in men

Effectiveness Rating

A highly effective drug. I think it’s a better drug for kickstarting your body’s own testosterone production than HCG, but I like them both. They just act differently on the body to accomplish the same end. I’d give Clomid a 10 out of 10.

Final Thoughts…

Clomid is a great drug and you shouldn’t leave home without it. Start taking Clomid even a few days prior to the end of your cycle and plan to spend at least 14 days on it. This is usually all it takes to jump start your testosterone production. Don’t underestimate this process… take higher doses right off the bat, once you’re done with a steroid cycle, because the whole idea of using Clomid is to aggressively pursue bringing testosterone production back up to speed rapidly so that you avoid losses in mass and strength! Don’t neglect taking traditional anti-estrogens, however. Relying solely upon Clomid defeats the purpose of the drug and the whole idea of transitioning on and off cycles.

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