It has been shown in numerous researches that steroid abuse can be avoided especially among high school sporting teams. There have been the use advice- based programmes that capitalize on the all-important advice by telling the students that they need not run after steroid peddlers in order to succeed on the field or the track or in the gym.

With the same breath, they have been receiving information on how steroids can negatively influence your life and result in undesirable, irreversible changes to your body and mind. But since failing is not an option for these students the wisest thing to do has been providing them with the next best alternatives. This is where nutrition and exercises came in and the jumpstarting of a three-month education programme in one of the pilot research centres in the United States, funded by National Institute Against Drug Abuse, (NIAD)

Within two months, the transformation was remarkable. The programme supplemented formal lectures with many do-it-yourself practical activities at the end of each section. This was meant to change their preoccupation with the talk that rent the air all the time concerning the ˜wonders’ of steroids.

Once the changes had been instituted in the administrative structure, everyone was witness to the positive change that had taken place in the team players cum trainees. The ain was to emancipate the minds of the general student population and set them free from the steroid bug. The success ended up being a bigger success than had been anticipated.

The fight against steroid use and abuse needs to be fought from many fronts. As one would have predicted, the steroid peddlers were unhappy with the shrinking market for their products and that promoted them to come up with more creative ways of drawing the attention of the ˜deserting’ customers by supporting rival team players from neighbouring schools including providing them with free overdoses of the toughest stuff. This was carefully calculated to pressure the seemingly weak team into resorting to the old habits. Measures were put in place and the immediacy of adding another course to handle ways of refusing the steroid offers and being vigilant was recognised and acted upon.

Some new and exciting changes were recorded and there was no doubt about it because the changes were there for all to see. In one of the sub-groups, the number of steroid users reduced by half, and their possibility of them resorting to those drugs was rated by addiction experts as nil. The use of other drugs apart from steroids also reduced. Seventy per cent of some team member who were alcoholics had stopped drinking by the time the training program was ending.

The changes that come with such drastic lifestyle changes were also greatly reduced. Fights and dramatic confrontations were reported on rare occasion during the post-training assessment period which lasted a whole month. The general swing of attitude towards a hostile attitude towards the use of steroids worked as a double-edged sword because the trainee also became crusaders of the fight against steroid abuse.

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