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The Dangers Of Steroids Effects

The use of steroids has long been a controversial subject in society at large due mainly to the negative effects they cause in the human body. Although steroid use can be seen quite often amongst body builders and other sports fields, the subject of negative steroids effects continues to be an issue. As the body reaction to chemicals and drugs is different from person to person, not everyone will experience the same types of negative steroids effects. However, if given a choice, you should be aware of the risks you take every time you subject yourself to the use of steroids and be prepared in advance, for whatever steroids effects occur.

Many professional body builders as well as other sports athletes utilize anabolic steroids on a regular basis to improve their performance. Each has experienced steroids effects to some extent in relation to the dose and frequency taken. Unfortunately, many of these same people have not properly researched the possible dangers of negative steroids effects. They are happy with the obvious positive advantages the drug has to offer and prefer to leave it at that. In addition, there is often very little supervision or counsel from medical professionals on the use of these steroids, which increases the chances of negative steroids, effects happening from over consumption or from taking the drug too long. It is not uncommon to hear news accounts of a well-known sports figure succumbing to serious illness or even death as a result of misuse of steroids. Steroids effects can be felt even in the strongest and healthiest of individuals due to misuse of the drug.

The dangers of anabolic steroids have been well established in the medical profession. However, many athletes continue its usage due to the temporary benefits of increased strength and energy steroids provide. Body builders and other athletes perceive these steroids effects as a great asset in their field and are thus tempted to continue steroids consumption for as long as they compete. However, what they fail to recognize is that at the same time steroids increases muscle capacity and strength, these drugs are causing damage to muscle tissue and body tendons, which may over time be impossible to repair.

Over the long term, negative steroids effects far outweigh the temporary positive benefits an athlete may receive from use of the drug. There are a great deal more of negative steroids effects than what the temporary benefits have to offer. Unfortunately, many athletes realize this fact too late as some of the steroids effects are not seen until after consumption has stopped. After stopping steroids, many athletes notice a wide range of negative steroids effects cropping up in their lives as a result of withdrawing from the drug. Some of these bad steroids effects are temporary while others could very well continue for the rest of their lives.

Balancing the temporary benefits with the possibility of negative steroids effects long term is something each individual will have to judge for himself. Long term negative steroids effects could include permanent damage to the body’s immune system, possibility of developing cancer, cessation of bone growth, liver dysfunction, heart attacks, blood clots, strokes and more. Steroids effects can be felt in both men and women alike in distinct ways. However, most all these effects are of a negative nature, which can have devastating results on a long-term basis.

It is very difficult to monitor steroids effects for every individual currently using or who has used the drug in the past. However, the medical profession has documented sufficient detrimental steroids effects to issue a warning against their use. Whether you choose to subject your body to possible bad steroids effects both in the present and in future is up to you. Good health is one of the most valued possessions an individual can have. Therefore, you should make your choice carefully with the foreknowledge of the possible dangers steroids can cause.

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