the perils of taking anabolic steroids

The Perils Of Taking Anabolic Steroids

There are many types of steroids nowadays since its demand is a lot especially among bodybuilders and aspiring athletes. The steroid business has become a booming business and people are branching into this business so that they can make a killing in terms of profit. There is a lot of craze about steroids and this started as early as the nineties. It has since spread like a bush fire and the efforts to put it out have been fruitless.

In body building the main goal is to gain more mass because this is used to gauge your level of success in the body building industry. Therefore if you are unsuccessful in gaining more mass this implies that you have failed in your body building career. Anabolic steroids are very effective when it comes to increasing the mass of an athlete and this is the number one reason why many bodybuilders use it. It does not matter whether you have been successful in developing a symmetrical and well defined body shape, because if you are lucking in terms of body mass people will view you as a work in progress.

A lot of athletes use it also due to its ability to enhance performance. Recently there have been incidences where major international athletes have been striped off there medals because they tested positive to using steroids. The reason is mainly because steroids tend to give this athletes an unfair advantage since there energy levels are boosted tremendously and that is why they are able to perform even better than the athletes who are not using steroids.

Although anabolic steroids have the many advantages listed above they also come with various side effects. Steroids have the tendency of disrupting how hormones are produced in the body. When they affect the production of hormones this has the net effect of causing various side effects in the body some of which are reversible while others are not.

The reversible changes include; shrinking of testicles in men, enlargement of the clitoris in women, male pattern baldness, development of breasts in men, occurrence of acne in the body, the decrease in breast size and fat in women, occurrence of coarse voice in women leading to their lose of femininity. When teens take steroids the sudden increase in testosterone levels will make them develop stunted growth. The sudden increase in body mass and height of adolescence who are in there teens is due to the high levels of testosterone.

There is a certain testosterone level which if reached will make the bones to stop growing. There are cases where bodybuilders who use steroids have developed liver conditions. This is especially prevalent among those bodybuilders who have used steroids for a long time or those bodybuilders who have being overdosing themselves so that they get even better results in terms of there muscle development.

Some bodybuilders have developed liver tumors and other liver ailments such as hepatitis. Steroids also increase the chances of a person suffering from strokes and heart attacks.

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