dennis wolfThe bodybuilder should not be prone to taking all the positive attributes made in the case of steroids for face value. Before taking that maiden pill or that maiden injection of steroids one should realize that these are medications. Without doubt, the use of medications comes with side effects; it depends on what type of medications that you are on. Steroids are in a class of their own when it comes to side effects. The fact of the matter is that the use of these substances comes with side effects that greatly outweigh the positive gains that will be made courtesy of their usage. These side effects are nothing ordinary when compared to the conventional medications that we use. The effects may either be terminal or mild in nature.

For the bodybuilder the onset of the use of steroids is often the start of new hormonal regulation in the body. As the accumulation of these substances starts to increase in the body, new communications from the nervous system to the body systems are originated to the effect that the body indicates that it is adequately supplied with hormones and that the natural production needs to be withheld. Of course the body system is intelligent enough to see the need of curbing the over-concentration of these substances. The inhibition of natural hormone production is determined by the very type of substance that the body is being exposed to. When the individual decides to cut off the introduction of steroids to the body system, the mechanism reverts back to the original status quo. The main concern then becomes to ascertain if the negative side effects have already been acquired.

One of the organs that suffers the most consequences of steroid use in the body has to be the liver. As the chief filter of the body, the liver is granted 10% of the total body blood volume at any one time. When the body has been allowed to accumulate steroids beyond manageable levels (such as which is the case when there is prolonged use) the blood in the liver is so toxic that it is inevitable that damage to the liver’s tissues will occur. The functions of the liver are severely amputated and in this regard the organs enzymes can cease to perform their much valued functions. Severe toxicity in these cases may result to full blown cirrhosis of the liver and at this stage there is very little that can be done to reverse the condition.

The use of bodybuilding steroids has been linked with the increase in the levels of LDL. These are the unhealthy lipids that take the shape of bad cholesterol whose management in the body is quite difficult to oversee. The side effects of steroid have been known to be quite extreme in females as opposed to male users. Perhaps this is due to the fact that testosterone is natural in the male body and certainly this is not the case in the female body.

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