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Raising Testosterone Improves Metabolism And Keeps The Weight Off

As the body ages, testosterone levels start to drop. This results in an entire list of problems with a man’s body type and lifestyle. One of the most noticeable, besides the bedroom, is the amount of weight that begins to pile on. Those men that were once lean and attracted every female around are now a victim of Dunlap disease. Meaning the belly ‘dun-lapped’ over the belt.

Studies posted in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism have linked low testosterone levels to a slow metabolism in men. It is almost a double-edged sword. As you age, you stop exercising as often which starts the downward spiral to lower metabolism. The weight gain will accelerate the loss of testosterone which allows an increase of estrogen for those that continue to gain weight.

All of this results in high-cholesterol, blood-sugar imbalance and general bad health. The study actually proved that for those men that increased their Body Mass Index, or BMI, a mere 4 to 5 points they reduced their testosterone levels to the equivalent of 10 years. Even if you were 29 years old. If your BMI increased by 5 to 10 points then you might as well have the sex drive of a 50 year old.

The good news is that by increasing testosterone levels you can get your old physique back. This will rev up your metabolism, increase energy levels and start shrinking your waistline. You will be back in those jeans from high-school in no time. Now there are plenty of medications that offer hormone replacement.

This is done through use of synthetic hormones. Essentially, doctors are prescribing anabolic steroids. Yes they are giving you illegal drugs being used by pro athletes and bodybuilders that are legal because of the prescription.

Side Effects of Synthetic Testosterone

Retaining Fluid: Many men on this drug have reported swollen legs and ankles as well as a general bloated feeling. This can also be accompanied with congestive heart failure or high blood pressure.

Sleep Apnea: Sleep Apnea is when you stop breathing over a period of time during your regular sleep. This can be 1 second up to 20 or 30 seconds.

Prostrate Growth:
While the mild cases may cause problems with urination, this growth can also cause prostrate cancer cells to multiply.

Toxic Liver: This is only an apparent side effect for those taking the oral version of testosterone.

Polycythemia: This increase in red blood cells can cause stroke or heart attack.

Why risk your health to get back that lean physique? There are natural supplements that can increase your testosterone and get your metabolism back to where it was in your 20s. You will have more energy and be ready to tackle anything that life hands you, without the nasty side effects. Do not wait to get started.

Get yourself back into shape today. The sooner you start getting your testosterone levels elevated, the faster you get that lean, mean fighting machine body and the sooner those erections will be a common event

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