t3 thyroxyl

Bodybuilders are some seriously creative beasts. Any time modern medicine delivers a new compound to help improve the quality of life for mankind, bodybuilders will immediately work overtime to find ways to utilize the drug in hopes of shedding body fat, adding muscle, or improving the body’s functions in some way or another. Throughout history, Read More →

Bodybuilders have embraced it as a useful tool for growing the body past normal physical limitations. Simply put, athletes have the same properties at work that they had when they were five years old. Bone, skin, hair and muscle growth all will skyrocket, which leads to new size on the bodybuilding stage. GH is the Read More →

People involved in bodybuilding and weight training activities use different supplements to accelerate the process of muscle mass building or to cause fat loss from the body. For this purpose they make use of a large of variety of supplements including steroids. Steroids or anabolic steroids are commonly used by men to alter the natural Read More →