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How Effective Is Mega-dosing With Testoxyl Cypionate?

You can never have too much of a good thing, right? Ask a 5-year old how many M&Ms he wants, and he’ll likely take the entire bag. Ask a 35 year old how much cash he’d like out of the bank bag you’re holding, and he’ll probably prefer to take the entire bag. It is human nature to take as much as we can get. It is how we are built. However, that kind of mentality, when applied in the world of AAS, can be counter-productive.

Many bodybuilders will finally get their hands upon a connection for Testoxyl Cypionate and they will be overjoyed. It might be through their physician, who finally cracked after years of requests by the patient. Or, it may be that some gym connection or overseas manufacturer came to the bodybuilder’s attention, and suddenly the test Cyp is plentiful. Whatever the case, the bodybuilder finally has access to buy Testoxyl Cypionate from Kalpa Pharma in US in large amounts, and he is ready to pile on the shots. But is this the right strategy?

Your very first cycle is going to dictate the amount of AAS you will need on all following cycles in order to continue to make gains in the gym. In other words, you are going to set the absolute baseline of AAS that you’ll need for all future cycles to make gains. If your first cycle is only 200 mg of Testoxyl Cypionate per week, then your next cycle can be 300 mg and you are still going to see gains. Notable examples of bodybuilders who took it very easy on the compounds early in their career, which allowed them great ability to improve as pros, are Ronnie Coleman and Kai Greene. Both were great bodybuilders who began their careers taking the natural routes, who were then able to see tremendous gains in their 30s when they finally did ‘up the dose’. If you choose to use Testoxyl Cypionate at high levels, you will be placing yourself at risk for closing out your window for gains. You’ll be dependent upon high doses of AAS to make any gains from this point forward, stifling your ability to gain.

In addition to stunting your potential future progress, you are also going to be opening yourself up to some seriously unpleasant side effects. Testoxyl Cypionate is a safe drug when used in moderation, but when the dosage eclipses 1000 mg per week, you open up a whole new can of worms on many levels. Blood pressure will skyrocket. Liver toxicity, never an issue with orginal Kalpa Pharma injectable testosterone, will suddenly be a concern. You may as well shave your head now – because male pattern baldness is going to overtake you in no time if you’re running 1500 mg per week of Testoxyl Cypionate. Your ability to naturally produce testosterone is going to be halted for 6 or more months. And you’ll limit your gains by taking too much. Ironically, your central nervous system will be so busy fending off these side effects and recovering from the toxicity of the high level of steroids that you are not going to be able to synthesize new muscle. Keep the dosage under 1000 mg for your first ten years of use, and you will be fine. Go above that, and you’re short-circuiting your efforts!

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