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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Steroids For Muscle Growth

There are many bodybuilders who use steroids so that they can achieve quicker bodybuilding results. The use of steroids has been known to make a person achieve bigger and faster muscle development compared to a person who is training naturally. That is the main reason why bodybuilders take anabolic steroids. If you are a bodybuilder you need to know that although juicing up will make you achieve fast muscle development, you will also experience various side effects as well.

Many states have placed a ban on the use of steroids among its citizens because of there potential side effects. Some of the side effects include; shrinking of the testicles, low sperm count, decreased libido, enlargement of the clitoris, disruption of the menses, growth of breast in males, growth of facial hair in females, acne, insomnia, depression, increased rage, kidney problems, liver problems, and heart conditions. Steroids have been known to affect the endocrine system as well. When you take steroids they imitate testosterone which is a hormone produced by the endocrine. As a result of this, the body experiences hormonal imbalance which leads to various side effects. There are many sources and informative journals which have given details of the effects of taking steroids.

There is a surcease in the production of FH and LSH when a person uses anabolic steroids. This has the effect of causing temporary male infertility and in women in brings about temporary disruption of the menstrual cycle. Since they are illegal, in order to buy them you need to go to the backstreets which can be very dangerous sometimes because of counterfeit products which are usually substandard. There is no registered physician or pharmacist who will agree to distribute these products because it could mean losing there license. Steroids have also been banned from various sports and athletes have to be tested from time to time to determine whether they are juicing up to enhance there performance. If you are caught using steroids it could mean the end of your athletic career.

If you are teenager you should not use steroids since your body us still capable of producing sufficient amount of testosterone. The whole idea of taking steroids is so that you can increase your testosterone levels since this are the hormones needed to create muscle growth. You should ensure that you are above twenty five years before you start taking steroids. The reason is because when you are over twenty five years of age, the body is into able to produce as much testosterone as it used to. When you take steroids when you are still young then you are likely to suffer from hormonal imbalance. As explained earlier when you body experiences hormonal imbalance you will experience various side effects which are going to affect your quality of life.

You should also ensure that before you consider taking steroids, you give your body time so that you can determine whether it is responding to the weight training session. You should only use steroids as a last resort, when you realize that training natural is not yielding the results you had hoped for.

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