19-Norandrosterone Questions & Answers

What do you get when you add Nandrolone (Nandroxyl) and the 19-norandrostenedione metabolite? That’s an easy one! The answer, of course, is 19-Norandrosterone. Let’s learn more about this product, and see how it can be useful for you!

Q: How powerful is 19-Norandrosterone compared with standard injectable testosterone?

A: It’s about 70% as powerful, which makes it a fairly useful beast, seeing at is can legally be purchased in many outlets, both locally and online.

Q: Can I use 19-Norandrosterone and play on my local high school or college team?

A: You can. But it may result in your being suspended from play. Most sporting organizations have declared 19-Norandrosterone to be on their steroid list, as it is very “near” being a steroid and when you use enough of it, you surely see steroid-like results.

Q: Will I gain muscle with 19-Norandrosterone?

A: You certainly will. If it’s your first cycle, you’ll add 15 pounds to your body without trying, with at least half of that being new muscle. If you’ve used it before, the gains will be less. You’ll become a bigger, stronger man when using this product.

Q: What side effects will I see when using 19-Norandrosterone?

A: It will be akin to a very heavy Anadrol cycle. You may sustain severe liver damage if you use this product for more than 3 months at a time. While taking it, you’ll likely see acne, severe water retention (bloating) and above all, you will become highly aggressive. Many users see early onset of male pattern baldness, if it’s in their cards to inherit it from their mother’s brothers’ genes. And, perhaps worst of all for the bodybuilder, is the side effect of Gynecomastia. Many and I mean a lot users of 19-Norandrosterone develop gyno very fast and in very large lumps. You’ll want to plan to use a PCT (post-cycle therapy) product such as Nolvadex no matter what. But there is a good change you’ll develop gyno anyway. This is one of the top negatives of 19-Norandrosterone.

Q: Can females use 19-Norandrosterone?

A: No. Don’t even think about it ladies! The side effects are harsh and you already know what they are for females an irreversible deepening of the voice and clitoral enlargement, along with facial hair, and a nice little condition affectionately known as “man jaw”.

Q: I used 19-Norandrosterone a few months ago. I’m clean now, but I’ll be tested tomorrow. Any recommendations?

A: Yes, next time save your money for real steroids. This time, however, you should avoid consuming animal organs (liver, heart, or kidneys) before the test, as they’ll raise levels of the metabolite which is detected when you’re tested for 19-Norandrosterone.

Q: Is 19-Norandrosterone right for me?

A: Probably not. You’re going to be facing at least all of the side effects of anabolic steroids, maybe more. And you’re going to be seeing about half of the positive effects, if you’re lucky. The cost is actually more than anabolic steroids as well. But the good news is that it is available legally, something which steroids are not. Weigh your options carefully!

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