how to organize an effective steroid campaign

How To Organize An Effective Steroid Campaign

Steroids is one of the threats that the governments, parents and other concerned bodies should be ready to deal with well. It is one problem that has affected the youth in the society including secondary school students. This becomes a problem because almost everybody, users included, knows that steroid usage is bad for their health. What they may lack is exactly how bad the damage can be. This is why it is necessary that a lot of awareness campaign is done. This should be done is such a way that it reaches almost everybody. In this text, I try to pinpoint some of the ways with which an effective steroid awareness campaign can be done.

Calling for seminars and organizing conferences can be a very good platform for such a campaign. This is because seminars will be dealing with a selected group of people, mostly the affected lot thus the information passed to the relevant group. Also in the seminars, other teaching materials like video clips, chats among others may be used to ensure that the message sinks well into the minds of the participants. Also in such a place, the participants have that good opportunity to ask for clarification from their instructors. This quenches their desire to know almost everything about the drug.

Another way of doing it is by visiting schools and colleges to hold public talks with the students. This is a very effective means since it captures the most affected group of people, the youth. At the same time, it is one way of dissolving the peer pressure, something which is the main contributor increased prevalence of steroid use among the youth. Such public talks will also be effective in that students have the opportunity to ask for clarifications about the many speculations about steroid. Also in such institutions, students should be advised to set up a students’ counseling body. This body should be managed by students who have undergone some training concerning the drug. Owing to the fact that they are members of the same institution, their fellow students may feel freer to discuss the issue with them any time.

The media is one area that controls the life of many in today’s world. Using the media to pass this message of campaign against steroid use is almost a sure way that the message will finally be delivered. Also the media, especially the electronic media like television can be used to give finer details about steroid through video clips. This will help in giving the actual picture of the damage likely to be caused by the drug on the user.

The campaign can be further extended to the steroid manufacturing industries. These industries should be put to task to explain why they expose people to such dangers. The government can also put tough trade regulations to such industries. This will in the first place reduce their number, and second to that, the expenses incurred in the production will be reflected in the cost. This may discourage some youth, who don’t have enough money from using the drug.

Finally, church plays a major role in shaping, the society. Taking this massage to the church can also be a practical move to curb the use of steroid in the society. The church should sternly condemn the use of this drug such that those who use it may passive it as a sin. This may tame some religious steroid users to an extent of stopping using the drug. But all these ways of putting to an end the steroid use in the society cannot succeed without the involvement of the family. The family has a major role to play in stopping the usage of this drug since every user is a member of a particular family.

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