concerns over steroid supplementation

Addressing Doubts and Concerns Over Steroid Supplementation

Q: I hear from so many people that supplements are just crap and that you shouldn’t waste your money. I hear so much back and forth, it’s kind of hard to know whether I’m being “taken” or I’m going to get benefits. What would you say are the most effective?

A: Here’s the thing about supplements: Since they are not drugs, effects and benefits are very subtle. You may not ever “see” them like you would the mirror results you see from AAS use. Since we are such a “want it – want it now” culture, this isn’t as appealing. After all if we don’t see a drop in scale weight over the course of 1 day on a diet, or don’t see our abs appear overnight, we’re frustrated. Same with supplements. And quite frankly, if that’s the way you approach supplements you’ll always be frustrated. In my opinion, NOT taking supplements is a mistake. Sure, not all are great and some are just plain quackery and are worthless, but the ones that have been around – not the gimmicks – are the ones to take. Those include BCAA’s, Glutamine, Creatine, a high dose multivitamin, a fat supplement, such as flax oil + EFA, and whey protein. That is what I would take.

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