age and gender disparities in the use of steroid

Age and Gender Disparities In The Use Of Steroid Substances

Steroid use is very vast. It is different from the way it is handled both in people of different sexes and age. This is because of different factors determining on who should use steroid and who should be sidelined. Other issues are on the reactions disparities in these two categories of people using steroids. Age is one main issue in using steroids. This is because steroids are meant for various reasons and therefore the means they are used always remain age dependent. Bodybuilding is one crucial field that steroids are being used.

They are specifically meant to build stronger muscles and create a bulk of the same. But it is important to know that young people of below sixteen year have enough capability of developing their muscles even without steroid intake. The steroids are only meant to boost the lagging capability of adults of increasing muscles mainly for competition purposes. Therefore, for young people, they can still engage in body building and be assured of developing muscles even without the aid of steroids. For adults, the steroids remain relevant because they create an enormous boost of muscle mass development within a short period of time.

Age still plays a key role in steroid use, especially when the steroids are used to treat complications. Doctors prescribe steroids to various people who have extreme conditions which could not be treated through regular medicines. The old people are the most affected by these complications and they remain as the main target of these prescriptions. Severe acne is one great example that old people endure and normal pain killers do not treat the conditions. The doctors are therefore forced to recommend some types of steroids in order to treat such conditions in old people. Sex is another category of fields having discrepancies in steroid use. One major reason why the discrepancies occur is to do with the aftermath of steroid use.

Side effects of steroids are the main reason why females vary from what they use to males. Steroids cause reversed roles in different sexes as the after math of continued intake. In men they develop enlarged breasts and their muscles soften, while in females deepening of voice and development of beards is an issue. The component of steroid is usually androgenic and this has lured many females from usage, fearing that they will eventually develop male characteristics. With all these disparities, both sexes have taken different precautions and are handling the issue of steroid intake differently. Finally, steroid use depends on what it is being engaged for and this is the reason why in both sexes there are some common issues of steroid use.

One such issue is the dosage being used. If one is dong it for body building, there are dosages prescribed by physicians and this is what is followed regardless of the sex of a person. The legality of steroids is also another issue which cuts across both sexes. It does not matter in which sex category you fall in, all what matters is whether the steroid is legal or not, if it is not, then you are liable of any form of punishments which could be administered by the relevant authorities.

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