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In these scary time of threat levels, talk of pandemics, and the possibility of business closings due to the recently discovered Swine (or H1N1 Influenza A) flu bug, bodybuilders need to be prepared for the possibility of disruptions to the availability of the things they enjoy so much. Let’s make a checklist for everything the chemically assisted bodybuilder needs for a full 14 days, should school, work, and other facility closings disrupt his or her routine.

Remember that this illness is not of major concern. Rather, the loss of the conveniences we have grown accustomed to is what matters for the most part.


Obviously, you’re going to need to continue to make your injections during this period. Purchase 6 to 8 weeks of your testosterone and other compounds as soon as possible.


Needles might be easy to get today. However, should the number of ill people increase significantly, grabbing a few needles at the pharmacy might involve standing in line with a lot over very ill people. Stock up on needles and other supplies ahead, and you will be able to avoid this exposure.

Post-Cycle Therapy

If you will need PCT compounds any time in the next month, stock up on their before your temporary break form the conveniences of the world. You never know what roadblocks your package may encounter in these elevated times, so plan ahead!

First aid kit

It will be just your luck that just as the hospitals are overflowing with hypochondriac patients whining about their symptoms (along with a few legitimately sick people), you’re going to nick a vein and spurt blood all over your bathroom wall. If at all possible, use the contents of the first aid kit to clean the wound. If the bleeding stops, you may be able to avoid the exposure in the emergency room and opt for your own private doctor if necessary.


Be sure you possess plenty of protein and clean carbohydrate sources to get you through what could be one to two weeks of limited available dining options. Grocery stores would likely remain open, but would you really want to stand in line with others who might make you sick? Go on a nice shopping trip, purchase food and water to get you through, and avoid the lines.

Gym Access

Many businesses – particularly those which allow trainers to share equipment covered in bodily fluids, see business drop off in times of health panic. They may even shut their doors, if they realize it’s costing more to be open in these slowed times than to just close for a bit. If you have a home gym, use it. Otherwise…

When all else fails

Take a week or two off of the gym! Continue your injections are planed. You may need to move some shots to the morning hours, since every day will actually be a rest day during this time. You can always still complete cardio at home, if gaining too must fat is a concern. Enjoy the break to your central nervous system!

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