steroids aggression

There seems to be very little awareness among people about the side effects of steroids on the body and particularly the effect on behaviour. Most of them consume steroids considering the short benefits it has to offer. Studies have shown that high dosage of steroids can lead to aggressive behavior such as physical fighting, theft or in some cases the steroid abuser reported of damaging property or breaking into a house/building. The other steroid effects on behaviour are as follows:

  • Research shows that high dose of steroid actually triggers irritable feelings and aggression.
  • Furthermore, steroids cause other behavioural issues too including increased sex drive, euphoria, heightened energy, mood swings, less concentration, forgetfulness that sometimes leading to depression too.
  • In a few extreme cases or rather individuals who are addicted to steroids reported of physical problems, problems in social relations, nervousness, insomnia, restlessness, loss of appetite and withdrawal symptoms such as depression. If the person is experiencing depression because of steroid usage it could slowly lead to suicidal attempts. Behavioral symptoms could go to the extent of disrupting to perform normally in the individual’s job and the behaviour could prove to be a threat to themselves and others too.

There are case studies that well indicate steroid abusers to have developed behavioral issues to the extent that they resort to committing aggressive acts, including physical fights violence at home, rage at work and towards children, committing crimes such as armed robbery, using force and violence to get or obtain thing/s. There are case studies wherein abusers reported that they have resorted to committing property crimes including shop lifting, stealing from a friends’ place, running into others’ property and destroying the same, break into a strangers’ houses/buildings.

The important thing to note here is, despite a few studies on steroids effect on behaviour it is still unknown as to what extent steroid abuse could cause violence and behavioral disorders and also what are the exact steroids that cause aggression and irritability amongst the users.

It should be noted that physicians and health care practitioners administer steroids only when a person’s condition calls for it, and they would not recommend the patient to continue them for long term for they know about steroids effects; the minor to major adverse reactions they give on continuous usage.

The health complications reported under steroid abuse is also very low but the other side of the story could be non-reporting individuals or such cases not recognized at all. In any case there isn’t a steroid that can be said or proclaimed as side effects free steroid. All steroids have positive as well as negative effects.

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