So you’re interested in running an anabolic steroids cycle? This is a very common interest among younger bodybuilders, and one that can deliver you some terrific results in terms of increased muscular mass and strength. However, there are also some anabolic steroids risks which you can encounter in your journey, if your doses are a little strong or your cycle goes for too long. There are also some issues you can face if you run a perfect cycle to the tee some side effects are seen no matter what. Let’s examine some of the most commonly seen anabolic steroids risks.

When we are teenagers, our skin becomes very oily as our testosterone levels are extremely high. The result is that our backs, shoulders, faces and other parts of the body become stricken with unsightly and uncomfortable acne. The use of anabolic steroids can lead to a return of those acne days, but if you take care of it with topical medicines you should be fine in the long run.

Male pattern baldness
It’s time to break out the family photo albums. If your mother’s father was bald, then there is a fairly good likelihood that you will end up bald as well. Anabolic steroids can accelerate the balding process, however. If you were destined to battle a receding hairline at 33 you might suddenly be facing it at 23 due to the use of anabolic steroids. Many young bodybuilders enjoy a shaved look anyway, so this wouldn’t affect them. But if you are wholly attached to your golden locks that would make even Fabio jealous, it may be time to hold off on steroid use.

HPTA shutdown
This is perhaps one of the most serious anabolic steroids risks. When you use anabolic steroids, your pituitary gland in your brain sends a signal to your testes to halt all production of testosterone. The levels present in your bloodstream from your injectable hormones are far higher than what you enjoy naturally. As a result, your body stops producing its own testosterone. This isn’t a problem when you’re ON cycleв but when your cycle ends, you suddenly face a lack of testosterone in your bloodstream which can lead to muscle and strength loss. Avoid this by using post-cycle therapy.

Hypertension & Kidney damage
When you use steroids, a number of processes occur within your body. One of these is an elevated blood pressure. In itself, it’s not a huge deal for healthy trainers to experience a slight bump in blood pressure. But if you already suffer from high blood pressure, or use ECA or diuretics to shed body fat, you may be at risk for heart attack, stroke or kidney damage.

young bodybuilderIt is important to remember that while there are some serious anabolic steroids risks to health, the vast majority of users do not suffer from most of these. A few pimples, a tenth of an inch of hairline recession, and 15 new pounds of muscle. Not too bad for a 3 month cycle, right? Some of the world’s top athletes and models have used steroids with great success. The key is to employ moderation and watch for the warning signs. Good luck!

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