Results From Steroid Abuse

All the behaviors which are characterized by the usage of all the substances with an affinity of abuse there are a myriad of adverse results that follow. It does not matter they are short term or even long term. These types of repercussions depict themselves as acne, atrophy, low sperm count, high pressures of blood, Gynecomastia, decrease in good cholesterol and increase in bad cholesterol, retention of fluids, prostate cancer and enlargement, liver problems and others.

Anabolic steroids have been known to affect females distinctly as compared from men, which occasionally happen very dramatically. Many of these repercussions are very exclusive feminine traits in terms of a natural male characteristic, equivalent to the case of balding, voice deepening, hair growth in the body and face plus the development of a very coarse skin. For the two sexes, an increase in the level of aggressiveness which is usually called ‘roid rage‘ is a common accompaniment of steroid usage. Females begin to experience a lot of lethal effects, which also afflict men such as high pressures of blood, high cholesterol as well as damage to the liver.

Results of adverse steroidal usage can be observable in the eventual onset of serious acne, while in some teenagers who are already experiencing acne problems, a vast and severe case of acne is obtrusive. A scientific explanation of this phenomenon is quite colorful. Anabolic steroids lead to the enlargement of the glands of the sebaceous within the skin. This leads to the glands increasing the production of serum or oil. These vast increases in levels of sebum bring about a plug formation which serves as sure nourishment for bacteria.

The new function which takes place in the bowels of the testicles could lead to temporary sterility, while the jury still looms out in an act of considering whether anabolic steroids are in any way linked to those dangerous irreversible actions of sterility. But before it comes to this bottom-line, why should you take the chance? Testicular atrophy which is the fancy word for those shrunken balls has never been a wild cosmetic problem. Since another source of the hormone testosterone has been introduced within the body, ones testes then are under a signal which gives them that sign to begin the production of their fair share of the hormone.

In addition, this is tantamount to telling the brain to start slowing down the manufacture of spermatozoa, meaning that ones body is achieving sperms from another source, more so the occasional hypodermic needle. From the brain, a message is sent as a signal towards the receptions of the testicles to begin taking that unnatural break from sperm manufacturing.

The extent of the usual hormones increase at the onset of puberty, culminating into the development of pubic and armpit hair, as well as offering the reason as to why many boys have deeper voices and facial hair. These surges in the levels of hormones contribute into the resultant cause of acute acne among adolescents. Any introduction of steroids into this very delicate balance will be a request for severe trouble.

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