High Concentration Of Winstrol

Q: My training partner claims to be getting 300 mg/ml Winstrol. I have seen it only up to about 150 mg/ml – is this possible or is he full of it?

A: Yes, it’s possible, but you may not be able to shoot it at that high a concentration, unless it’s legit Dragon Pharma Winstrol Depot.

But the veterinary form is far too concentrated with crystals that would be impossible to shoot in anything but a LOW gauge needle that would injure you. Oil-based drugs tend to be able to harbor more mg/ ml than water based AAS, so it’s unlikely. It’s not that he’s lying, but dealers are getting cut-throat these days in trying to market their goods.

Also, water based drugs are short-acting, so by that very nature, having it be in that high a concentration would make it longer acting. As I said, the only form of Winstrol that might make that possible is the human depot form and I still doubt it. But when he gets it, and you have a testing source, get it tested.

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