how steroids affect your mental health

A Look At How Steroids Affect Your Mental Health

A lot of medical and clinical experts have been challenged with establishing just how these steroids lead to the change in a person’s mental health. If there is a remarkable phenomenon in regard to the abuse of steroids it has to do with determining how these drugs lead to the psychological changes of an individual. During the previous researches, a lot of deductions and conclusions were derived through conducting personal interviews with the users being the respondents.

There were various reports that suggested that most of the users who experienced an overdose of steroids containing testosterone and androgens performed acts of violence soon afterwards because their mental health was affected. It has also been proven through various researches that the reason why the youth have become very aggressive also has something to do with the hormones, namely testosterone and androgen. This is because the levels of both these hormones are very high when a person is young, but as soon as he passes age 25 the levels start to lower.

Steroids can really affect the mental health of an individual. There is still a lot of debate in the fitness industry trying to justify how steroids could lead to behavior changes. Some experts in the fitness industry fail to see the connection, while others are of the opinion that there is a great connection between a person’s mood swings and the steroids he is taking. Therefore, the more a person experiences sudden hormonal changes, the more he is likely to experience mood swings and behavior changes which are aggressive in nature.

Steroid taking has been known to cause great depression of an individual, especially if abused over long durations of time. There was an incident in 2006, where a well known WWE wrestler called the crippler, killed his wife and two kids after which he committed suicide. This act was linked to great aggravation caused by taking a lot of steroids.

What people fail to notice is the direct link that steroid taking has with the body hormones.
Plenty of researches have been conducted to determine this link. The problem of using this approach is that there have been problems in piecing the results together to create harmony in the deductions and conclusions reached. Without harmony in the various pieces studied, you will not be able to tell with certainty whether the results reached are conclusive enough to make a deduction.

People, who have been known to have a family history of depression, need to refrain from using steroids. Steroids can really affect the mental health of an individual, leading to depression in the long run.

Steroids can also cause an individual to develop schizophrenia, which is also a very severe mental illness. When it comes to mental health, all a person needs to consider is how a drug will affect the hormonal balance in the body. If the drug can cause a serious imbalance, then that person should refrain from taking that drug. The commonly known mental illnesses are depression and schizophrenia.

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