complications of steroid use

Complications Of Steroid Use and Helpful Treatments

Steroid use is usually a prolonged activity since one has to employ them until a time when they feel they have gained from such use. It may be for a medical condition, where a doctor prescribes certain types of steroids or a body building profession quest for success. Whatever the case, steroid use shows a lot in an individual. This might be in terms of behavior, physical or medical as per the one who is dealing with the situation. This is why steroid users must learn that, you cannot hide when using steroids and this is why you need a proper and regular check to avoid any complications from happening as a result of steroid use.

Acne has been known to be an experience in very many body builders. It is a recurrent condition among steroid users but usually ignored since it does not persist for long. Rampant acne is a very common and obvious indicator of a person engaging in steroid use. As it is commonly known, teenage boys are the main category of people who endure periods of the irritating acne all because of their testosterone levels being at the peak. The testosterone stimulates the body operating system and overworks the system bringing in fatigue and this is what leads to strained brain and a resultant headache. However doctors argue that, the situation subsides as one grows up and may come to a stop during the later stages of life as you age. This is due to the low level of testosterone which is produced in an adult’s body and therefore low activity level which does not cause fatigue.

But for the case of people taking anabolic steroids, there are also chances that the adult users still have to be confronted with the same condition of acne. The explanation behind this is that, the sebaceous glands, used to secrete oils to the human skin, receive a major stimulation from the androgen’s When these levels of such hormones increase within the skin, there are probabilities of enhancing oil output and this is what generally causes acne development. The acne may prevail on the shoulders, back or even the face of a steroid user. It is evident that, the use of very strong androgenic steroids cold be particularly very troublesome, and this has been supported by instances of blemishes being developed all over the human skin.

The treatment of acne is varied and there are a number of options which an athlete can follow. The first one is being diligent with the regular washing and any topical treatments to ensure that you remove the dirt and any oil which may bring in the element of clogging of pores which allows an inlet to body necessities and an outlet of the waste which are toxic to the body. When this does not work an acne drug Accutane can be of major use and serves as the best option. It is a treatment which acts on the various sebaceous glands and reduces oil secretion which blocks the pores.

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