receptor damage from deca

Receptor Damage From Deca

Nandrolone, also known as Deca-Durabolin or Deca, is a very powerful anabolic steroid that has been used all over the world for many years by both bodybuilders and power lifters. For bodybuilders, the argument has been around for a while on the effects that Deca has on your body’s receptors. Will use of Deca end up damaging the receptors in your body, and ultimately keep you from gaining muscle down the road? Are the gains obtained from Deca use worth the long-term side effects? How should Deca be used to maximize the benefits and minimize the negative effects?

The majority of trainers that use Deca for the first time usually experience great gains initially. Even when using Deca in small amounts, some trainers have recorded putting on about 25 pounds of water and muscle in a small amount of time. Deca is known for the amount of gains you get in the beginning, and it is a reason why steroids are widely used by casual trainers. Hearing from your friends that they gained 20 pounds of muscle on their very first cycle of a steroid makes that steroid very attractive and desirable.

The following cycles are not nearly as effective as the first. This has confused the people who research the drug. Even if you increase the dosage on future cycles, none of them will give you the same results that you experienced the first time around. This is the reason why a lot of people suggest that Deca can be damaging to the body’s receptors, the cells that let the steroid be absorbed into the muscle tissue and result in gains. It’s been found that Deca is very drawn to muscle tissue receptors, which is the reason for the huge gains in the beginning. So is it possible that Deca can result in massive gains, while also causing damage to the receptors at the same time?

Whether you are a bodybuilder or a casual trainer, you can use this debate to prevent damage to your body. Be sure to fully plan out your cycles for the present and the future. If you have the knowledge that Deca is very powerful initially, it might be smart to not use it until you have hit a plateau while cycling something else. Since you have this one-time powerful weapon that can deliver 20 pounds of muscle off a single cycle, you might as well save it until you need it.

With the chance that Deca could ruin results in the future, you may decide to avoid it completely. If you are looking to just gain a quick 20 pounds, one cycle of Deca might be enough for you. If you are looking to gain 50 pounds of muscle over the next few years in order to be able to compete in shows, you might want to use something else and reserve Deca for a useful tool. You should know what goals you wish to achieve before using Deca, and also research it well.

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