testoxyl suspension

Testoxyl Suspension is an exceptionally professional drug, which makes sense to use either by powerlifters or weightlifters who will undergo doping control. In bodybuilding, the Testosterone Suspension is practically not used, because there is simply no point in this. On the one hand, it is more difficult to use the drug, it is painful to inject, even in a syringe it is difficult to type, on the other hand, the effect from it is the same as for Testosterone Enanthate, when it comes to gaining muscle mass. The whole role of the suspension is that testosterone crystallized in water is very quickly excreted from the body. If you cancel the drug 40-50 days before passing the doping control, you will pass it. But keep in mind that steroids have side effects, so do not use them without the doctor’s advice!

Testoxyl Suspension is used not only in heavy sports, this drug is an integral part of the preparation of any athlete preparing for international competitions.

Testoxyl Suspension Characteristics

Testoxyl Suspension is the purest testosterone, which is suspended in water in the form of crystals. No oils, no foreign impurities, only drug and water! It goes without saying that the anabolic and steroid profiles of the drug are equal to 100%. The drug can be called ultrashort, since the half-life of the suspension is only a couple of hours, and the “half-life” is 1-2 days, so the drug must be put on a daily basis. Injections are accompanied by some difficulties associated with the fact that the drug can settle on the bottom of the ampoule. In order that it can normally be typed into a syringe, the ampoule must be gently shaken, stirring the substance. It is very important to avoid the formation of bubbles, so you can simply roll the ampoule in your fingers, but it’s all done slowly and carefully.

From what has been said above, a very important conclusion can already be drawn: a suspension of testosterone acts instantly, and PCT can be started immediately after the drug is discontinued. All this allows you to add on the cycle and avoid the phenomenon of rollback. Of course, you should not wait for a miracle, after the end of the cycle you will still lose a little meat and force, but these losses will be minimal. Naturally, if you combine the suspension with long esters, its presence in the cycle will lose any meaning at all. As a rule, stacking is brewed from a Turanabol or Testosterone Propionate. The purpose of the cycle, usually, is the rise of power indicators.

The side effects of Testoxyl Suspension are the same as those of all other androgenic anabolic steroids. It goes without saying that even here there were amateurs to be disappointed that Testoxyl Suspension does not affect the arc of the pituitary-hypothalamus testicles, which is total nonsense. Honestly, it is not clear who is inventing this nonsense? Any exogenous testosterone inhibits the secretion of endogenous, it’s just the law! Acne, gyno, alopecia, the phenomenon of virilization in women, hair growth throughout the body in men – all these are inevitable consequences of taking any androgenic anabolic steroids. Yes, those who have an androgenic profile higher, these pads are more pronounced, but they are present in courses of even weak androgens.

How to use Testoxyl Suspension

Duration of the cycle: from 6 to 8 weeks, with the withdrawal of the drug no later than 6 weeks before the start.

Dosages: from 50 to 100 mg per day, but there are exceptions.

Dosage frequency: daily dosages are necessary, which, by the way, makes the drug meaningless for bodybuilders, it will certainly work, but the cycle of the suspension will be associated with excess of unwanted consequences.

Stack: always with short esters, because long esters completely kill the whole karmic sense of the cycle, and it turns out that the athlete just jerked his ass with a needle.

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